The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life

When many people think about running they see weight loss as the main benefit which is why they start running to lose weight.

While running is a great activity for losing weight, and weight loss is very important to many people, there are also many other benefits of running that have a tremendous impact on your life.

So what I’d like to do here is describe the various benefits of running which shows you everything you can gain from running. This will motivate you to keep going and never give in because you too can experience these benefits.

No matter what your level of running ability or how long you’ve been running it’s always good to remind yourself of the positive benefits of running and what a difference it makes to your life…

When you do this it makes it so much easier to keep motivated and keep on running!

So let’s make a start…

Faster weight loss

This is one of the main reasons why running has such an impact on your life. Running is quite simply an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight.

Only cross country skiing has been shown to burn more calories. However, running is a much simpler form of exercise and is far more accessible to the majority of people.

The reason that running burns so many calories is that it requires the use of lots of muscle mass. The more muscle mass you use when doing an exercise the more calories you’ll be able to burn.

With running you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re doing an exercise that’s great for losing weight.

Live a healthier life

With running you develop a stronger, fitter, and healthier body and mind. You get a stronger heart, stronger bones, stronger muscles, and more efficient lungs.

Your body also becomes more efficient overall which means that oxygen is transported to the muscles and brain more effectively.

This helps with all of your daily activities and EVERYTHING that you do in life.

Imagine that you had a body and mind that’s 10%, 20%, even 50% better than your current body and mind.

How much better would this make you feel? What difference would this make to your life?

Better body shape

One of the main problems that people have around the world is with their body shape and body image. This eats away at their self confidence and affects what they do (or don’t do) in their life.

Running is a great friend in helping you maintain healthy and attractive muscle while losing fat. What you end up with is a toned and athletic looking body that you can feel proud of.

Running will help you lose those unwanted inches around your bum, thighs, or stomach. You also don’t have to feel like hiding your body or wearing clothes that cover the body parts you don’t like.

Use running to get a body that you’re happy with, a body that works for you rather than against you!

More energy

Whereas overweight and sedentary people tend to feel sluggish and constantly tired, running provides you with more energy and makes you feel more alert.

More energy means you can accomplish more in all areas of your life. With running there’s no more feeling sluggish and wasting precious time in your life.

The extra energy that running gives you means that you get to do more of the things you enjoy, and you feel a lot better while doing them!

Feel younger

With running you get to recapture the energy and enthusiasm that you once had.

That’s the energy and enthusiasm that may have been sucked out of you by work, bringing up children over many years, or just the general day to day stresses of modern day life.

Imagine feeling fitter, healthier, and younger than at any other time in your life. Running helps you experience these feelings which provides such a positive boost to your life.

Look younger

When you look after your body and health with running you get to look younger than the average person.

Running makes you look younger because you have more energy and walk around with better posture. You move quicker and look like you have more purpose.

Running also reduces signs of aging because of the increased circulation that it provides. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively, and it flushes out harmful toxins which keeps you looking younger.

With running you get to look younger than what you actually are, or at least you’ll look a lot younger than what you’d look like without running.

Live longer

So you’ve seen that running provides you with a much healthier and fitter body, you have lots more energy, and you look and feel younger.

Can you see that this gives you a much greater chance of living longer?

The overall major health benefit of running is that you get to live longer and ALL the years of your life will be of a higher quality.

Just think about that for a moment…

Every single day of your life will be of a higher quality!

Plus you get to spend more years with your partner, children, grand children, and friends…

More years with the people you love!

Let’s wrap it up

Ok, I think we’ve covered quite a bit here but I still have plenty of other important benefits that I want you to know about. However, rather than make this a mammoth blog post I’ll add more to this discussion in a few days.

As I prepare for my next blog post I’d like to ask you 2 quick questions:

  1. Can you relate to any of the benefits that I’ve talked about here and which ones?
  2. Have you experienced any other benefits of running that are not mentioned here?

Feel free to share any comments or experiences that you’ve had as I’m sure that other people will find them useful and motivating.


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54 Responses to The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life

  1. Cathy Henderson says:

    18 months ago I was a 12st 5lb 54 year old Grandmother who wanted to improve her life to enjoy her time with her Grandchildren. I logged on typed in running for beginners and found your book and bought it. It was one of the best things I have ever done it has taken a lot of determination but with your help I am making great progress I am now 10st 4lbs took part in the womens 10k last year my time was 1hr 23 min, hoping to cut that time down this year. Started back work today after the Christmas Holidays to be told by the receptionist I looked fantastic made my day if I can run anyone can

  2. John says:

    I must get back to running. Interesting that cross-country skiing is better, I guess they were testing skate style XC skiing. Running is great for keeping in shape, and in my experience, the one exercise I have found on a par for keeping a good shape is inline skating. For me it is easier to keep at the skating in good weather, because having fun & learning technique makes you forget you are exercising. You need decent roads, training and practice, so it is slightly less accessible than running. Easier on the knees though (provided you are wearing knee pads when you fall!). So my ideal solution is ski where possible, skate where possible, and try to use running where those things are not possible.

  3. Nicoleta says:

    I am glad to see your blog up and running. I have been a lucky recipient of your emails which kept me motivated during my first year of running. I have stuck with it, wich, really, I can’t believe it. I can’t say I am perfect at it. Especially this winter season I had a very hard time going on my run in a consistent basis. Sometimes it rained, sometime it snowed, and sometimes, I really should have gone but didn’t =)
    I did fix the problem last week: I bought a treadmill. So now I have no more excuses!
    Thanks for your support, it always came in handy,

  4. Louise Jacovou says:

    I have been seeing progress in the distances I am now managing to run but am concerned after someone told me that women should not run as it ‘makes them jowly’. They were told this by a cosmetic surgeon, how true is it??

  5. John says:

    Makes you jowly??? What rubbish! I like fit women, when I am out running sure I notice the women around me, & I never noticed that. Only that they have good figures!

    • James says:

      I have to agree with John on this one. After looking up the word “jowl” it means drooping of the lower part of the cheek. I have never heard that running makes women jowly and that’s because it’s not true.

      With running you may use your facial muscles a bit more than normal but that’s good. It actually helps to tone these muscles which gives you a firmer face rather than the opposite.

      • Louise says:

        Thanks, I must admit I haven’t noticed my face getting saggy, I have noticed my legs getting firmer though. I shall continue to run as I can see real progress and I also enjoy the ‘me’ time.

        • Amanda Mansfield says:

          Hi lou
          How long have you been running huni, Ive been running since decemeber but still havent seen much change in my body shape, I think Im getting bigger in stead of smaller, how many times aweek do you run and how many miles. Thanks Amanda.

          • nat says:

            Keep it up Amanda – I’ve only just started (beggining of March) and have managed to get up to 5km distance already. I have lost a few lbs and weight loss is my primary reason so i am a bit dissappointed I’ve not lost more but I am feeling great due to taking control of my health and noticing my legs getting toned and having more energy. Perhaps you are losing weight rather than inches? You also need to consider your diet and make sure you’re fuelling yourself properly. Set yourself some running targets (time/distances/frequency) and just enjoy meeting them and becoming healthier. I’m sure it will come but many people who are mega fit have been running for years rather than weeks so I’m keeping it up hoping that this time next year I’ll be at my targets x

  6. Julie says:

    I started running in September 2010. I have lost 6 kilos and I ran in my first 10k fun run yesterday! That is a great achievement for 46 year old I think :)
    I will keep running, even though ‘well meaning’ people tell me I will end up with dodgy knees and osteoarthritis. They at the same time continue to complain about all the weight they need to lose and compliment me on how well I look!

    • Chris says:

      Too true !! I am the same started running mid last year at 41 and 22 stone !! now with my first 10k under my (lot smaller belt) am now 19.5 stone and feeling so much fitter!! keep up the good work!!!

  7. John says:

    Well done. Running for me in middle life is more a question of starting again rather than for the first time, which is a bit easer. Sure injuries are a problem in running, and not to be taken lightly, but so is being unfit a problem.

    People who feel they cannot do it themselves, but would secretly like to, react with various mixtures of envy and admiration, discouragement and encouragement. I first put on skis aged 48. I first put on roller blades aged 51. The way people react (especially with roller blades, where an obvious beginner in a very public space does get looks and comments) tells you a lot about their attitude to themselves.

    • Dana Hansen says:

      John is right….when I started James’s amazing program, I was 54 years old. Almost everyone, “warned” me about “knee problems”, sore joints, etc….especially at my age….
      I ignored them and went ahead religiously following James’s recomendations, and built a running schedule in a very short time.
      Although I DID have some knee discomfort at the begining, (due to an injured knee many years before) , it went away in no time, and since then running became part of my routine.
      Now, it seems like I get sore knees, “when I am not running”….:)
      So much for sitting on the couch.
      Get out there and run, you will discover a “new person” you didn’t know was within you…….just like I did!
      BRAVO to James for an amazingly “perfect” program!
      I owe James MUCH of my health and energy, he is my friend for “life”.

  8. Katy says:

    I once weighed 19 stone I now weigh between 9 1/2 – 10 stone.

    Finding this website was fantastic and James has been a inspiration to me, and helped me so much along my journey

    James Porter’s web site has so much information, which I sometimes go back over and over again just to re-educate myself.

    I am now marathon training, so hoping James will give me lots of tips and advice along the way….

    • Karen says:

      Katy your words are very inspiring. Especially to read that you were once 19 stone and are now marathon training. I weigh over 17 stone and althou I have been receiving James’s emails I still havent yet built up the confidence to get out there and get started. I find it all too overwhelming. Did you feel like that at the beginning?

      I would love to be running, its something I have always wanted to do but being at my heaviest weigh has just knocked my confidence and I just cant seem to get myself out there.

      If you have any tips or anything you can share with me I would be grateful. Good luck with your running

      • John says:

        Tips. 1. Buy James’s Beginners Course.
        2. Beginning is hard. Be patient with yourself.

      • Louise says:

        Karen, when I started running I too was lacking in confidence and felt very self conscious, especially as other runners I’d see out seemed to find it effortless. Try going when it’s dark (only if you feel safe) I did this and ran to one lamppost then walked to the next, it’s amazing how soon you can run 2 lampposts you can also look in peoples windows so it makes for interesting views!! I am now much more confident and will go out in daylight!!

      • Cathy Henderson says:


        When I started running I could not run any longer than 30 seconds I thought what I am doing a my age (54 )starting to run I am not saying some weeks it was difficult boy was it hard, but with all the help from my family and James I kept going I now can run six miles, and 2 stones lighter, get out there if I can do it anyone can. I joined my local running club the yhave helped a lot, there are people at all running levels. Get out there girl you can do it

  9. Irina Radulescu says:

    End of 2009, I started, wth no big plans or tactics, to run. At the beggining my “runs” were so short and eratic, I remember doing one for 8 min. and…being so proud of myself. Shortly after that I “met” James on line (via my sister) . He was “gold” for me, walked me (run me, I should say) through the whole beginers and advanced runner program, answering my questions…everything started, all of a sudden, to appeal to me a great deal. I was determined to make progress….so bad, that after 6 months I decided I am going to run 1/2 marathon in Oct. 2010. I trained seriously, my runs were looking more defined and refined. Did I mention I lost tons of weight, precisely, 35lbs in about 20 months. I feel great, I mean GREAT, my 1/2 marathon was very good, I was so happy, not many things in life give you this kind of satisfaction.
    I do run 2-3 times/week, shorter or longer…but I DO RUN. Running is now part of my life routine, I would recommended to anybody. Age or sex make no difference. I know my body best than ever, I like the changes ..I can say ..running changed my life. All you need is will power and good advice from James.

  10. Odete says:

    I am just getting back into running after a break of a few weeks…………not easy and I was never a great runner, so many times I just felt like giving it up as I still find it really really difficult with my breathing etc however the feeling I get once I finish my run keeps me going specially James emails are full of inspiration and if it wasn’t for them I would not be running again so thank you and well done James.

    • James says:

      You’re very welcome Odete.

      It’s good to hear that you’re back into your running. The first weeks and months of running can be challenging. However, the more benefits you get to experience with running, the easier it becomes to keep going because of the difference it makes to various parts of your life.

  11. Jean says:


    I am just starting running again after only doing gym work for the last two years. I did The London and New York Mararthon in 2007. but since then I just can not get back into running.

    It has pleased and inspired me to read your blogs. Keep up the good work.

  12. Mchael says:

    Hi everyone-thanks James for the emails and blog site.
    Ihave been a runner all my life and have done an ironman,several marathons and a few halves.I’m 55 and these days i just run for “me” time .I still get the rush after every run.The best thing though is the zone out feeling i get every day whilst running. I still log 30-40 k per week and if i miss a running day i struggle hehe.I also swim every other day and my running benefits from this too.Keep running everyone-i am planning a 100k ultra next year so its on on.

  13. Jan Little says:

    I started running at the end of last year, which i am really proud of. I started running a short route for about 20 mins a day but was having problems with getting my breaths right. However i managed to run 2 1/2 miles without having to stop after a few weeks. Unfortunately i keep getting tendonitus in my foot, which is causing me problems. Does anyone know how to stop me from getting this as it is preventing me from getting out as regularly as i would like.

    I am working towards doing a half marathon in october so i am keen to keep it up, plus i need to loose weight so that is another incentive for me. !!

  14. DH says:

    I have only just found this site but have already found it useful. I liked the point that James made that although you are very conscious of people watching you when you start to run, actually they are Not thinking of you in any negative way usually. I have just started to run since Sept 2010 at the age of 55 . I want to get fit and lose weight for my son’s wedding in late April. It is hard to do it regularly with all the bad weather and I have had 2 bad colds which havent’ helped but I am slowly building up speed and length of time.

    I found a tape on my ipod which had running music on , helps.

  15. Matt says:

    I started running back in summer 2010 weighing 16st. I am now 13st 10lbs and fitter than ever.
    I need to loose more weight though and am upto 7 miles in 1 hour.

    However I am all over the place with consistency as time is an issue for me.

    Should I do one long run a week or many short runs. What is te best for weight loss


    • James says:

      Well done with your running and weight loss so far Matt, you are doing well!

      Doing shorter but more frequent runs is better for weight loss than one long run. The main reasons are that you can push yourself harder and you also get more boosts to your metabolism during the week.

      I’ll look at doing a blog post on this topic in more detail in the future.

  16. Jane says:

    After loosing over 2 stones with running 2 years ago, I felt great! Wasn’t the best runner but none the less could do 4 miles without even thinking. Now after families poor health & no time to run. I’m 13.7 stone!!! Gutted! But today is the day I’m getting my trusted old trainers back on. Everybodys comments really inspire me to get back at it! As this is only thing that works & gets me into shape!!

    • Jean says:

      Hi Jane

      Iam the same in 2007 I got to my target of 9st9lb I felt great but with Family Problems too I am now 11st 4lb, I have lost my confidents and finding it hard to run.

      But we have both made a start again. I went running monday for the first time in months. It was hard, I had to walk/run but did it.

      We have lost the weight before and we can do it again. Now you have put your trainers back on keep it up. you will get there.


      • Jane says:

        Hi Jean

        Went out for 20 mins. Run/walk. Was hard but felt good all the same. Luckily I live in a rural village where you only see the odd passing car or tractor!

        But this is how I got up to 4 miles quite quickly & easily. Just gutted that I’ve actually pilled on more weight that I was 2 years ago. Nevermind. It came off before so it will again.
        Just can’t get complacent this time & think it won’t creep back on if I don’t go running. Will just HAVE to find the time because I’m not staying this size!!

        Good luck with your progress.

        Jane x

        • Jean says:

          Hi Jane

          I went for a run today. I managed to run a little more today. keep up the running and you will get back on target.


  17. Sam says:

    I found that running and dieting did not work for me. I ran a marathon and lost no weight during the training period. I was restricting my diet drastically, using energy drinks/gels during long runs and thought that eventually I would lose weight but did not. Now I run less, get less stressed about finding time to run regularly and eat a more balanced diet and feel much better. Any advice on how to lose the weight? – half a stone or so, not massive amount. Sam

    • John says:

      From my experience it does help to relax. Take it easy, put a little bit of sensible diet and a moderate amount of running into one’s lifetyle, but all in the context of chilled attitude rather than going for it big time. Chilled attitude has helped me reduce fat…but that is probably at least partly because it has been reflected in reduced alcohol consumption, without really trying to cut down.

    • Dana Hansen says:

      …I can relate a bit with “trying to hard”, Jane.
      At the beginining I was out running even TWICE a day..because….I LOVED IT!!! no harm in that!!(except that you become more prone to injuries).
      Later, when I couldn’t find the time to go as often as I wanted, I FELT GUILTY!!
      Then James “taught”me about “balance”.
      Now I am more relaxed, and if I “skip” some runs (like in the last 6 weeks, when I had some family problems), I do not feel guilty, but try to do as much as I can to get back in the “groove”.
      And, by the way, James also taught me that shorter runs more often are better than long runs, like I was doing.
      So, if you don’t have the time to go for one hour or more, have a short 30-40 run at a faster will feel like a million bucks!!!!!!
      Did I say “thank you , James”????again and again??
      This man “cleaned up ” my life and my fitness!
      Thank you, James!

  18. ian says:

    I enjoy your emails James and they have encouraged me particularly when I feel reluctant to go out doors. I started running a year ago and reduced my weight from 16.5 Stone to 14.5 Stone in 6 months. I then started to gain muscle and my weight increased upwards to 15.5 Stone where it plateued . Initially I was concerned as the more I ran the more my weight seemed to increase but my waist has continued to decrease in size from 42″ to currently 38″. Over the year I ran 230 miles and walked 62 miles. I guess losing weight needs to be taken in context with building muscle which is heavier than fat. A healthier measure of fitness is waist to hip ratio which should always be less than 1. In other words your circumference around the hips should be bigger than your circumference round the waist. I believe this is now accepted to be a better measure of fittness than BMI which does not take in to account height, strength and muscle mass.

    Great blog – keep it going!

    • James says:

      Thanks Ian, and well done with what you’ve done so far.

      You are right that BMI (Body Mass Index) isn’t the best thing to use, although it does take into account your height and weight. What it doesn’t take into account is how much muscle or fat you have on your body.

      That’s why someone can have a high BMI and be classed as obese even though they have a very low body fat percentage and are actually extremely fit, e.g. rowers and gymnasts.

  19. Kathy P says:

    I just wanted to thank you. I used to run fast a few years ago but I have had some issues with my knees and my feet. For the past couple years I have had to slow it down a little. I also quite smoking over a year ago and did gain some weight ( about 17 pounds). I am trying to up my speed now to get back or closer to where I was years ago do you have any suggestions? I can’t seem to get back to 6mph even when before I could go over 7. I have to say I am up 5.3 for up to 3miles is that anything at all?

  20. jane says:

    Hi James, First of all I would like to thank you for all your support and countless feedback on my journey to get my self exteme back using walking/running for weightloss and chloresterol issues. Get moving is advice my doctor advises me. When my doctor told me “Have you ever heard of Heart Desease?”I knew my diet was not enough. I had been eating better .I was 30 pounds over weight. I came across your program last year.Once you see your progress. It does becomes easier and easier. But, for me I had to get to that point. Then I just looked forward to challenging my body. Your program was easy for me to implement. I just wanted to thank you so much for its simplicity. It works! Lost 23 pounds. I am a Fan and will continue to be so.

  21. Joe says:

    James, I first found your website 18 months ago.
    At that time I was 43 years old and weighed 17 St, 7 lbs and was totally annoyed with myself. I had tried various diets in the past and had paid enough gym membership fees to ensure a comfortable living for there owners! But the results were always the same.

    This time however, I decided enough was enough. I had tried running before but got nowhere fast and soon gave up. Your newsletters taught me to take things one step at a time, how to control my breathing and also not to give a dam about what other people may be thinking.

    Less than a year later I had lost 5 st, 2 lbs, my waist size dropped from size 38 to 32 and I felt great about myself. I had also ran a charity 10k race in 51 minutes and raised almost £900 for cancer research. This for me was a massive achievement.

    Today, I have managed to keep the weight off, I have gained 3 or 4 lbs but this I think is down to muscle mass. I have ran 3 half marathon races, my fastest time being 1 hr 43 mins 19 secs and I am also about to start a 16 week training program to run the Edinburgh marathon.

    Your newsletters James, have totally transformed my life. I am fitter that I have ever been, I am no longer embarrassed by my body size or shape, I have met loads of friends through running and joined a running club, where I have even won prizes.

    James, If I could echo one piece of advice, it would be to anyone who is overweight and wants to run but feels self conscious about their size. It would be never avoid busy places or go out in the dark, but go out there hold your head up high and be proud of what you are trying to achieve! When I see these people it’s a reminder of where I came from and I think “good on you for trying!”

    • James says:

      That’s great Joe, you’ve done extremely well with both your running and weight loss and you are an inspiration to others.

      I’m happy that I’ve been able to help you along the way.

      Also thank you (and everyone else who has made a comment) for sharing your experiences. I know that a lot of people are finding them really useful and motivating.

      • Sel says:

        Hi James,
        I too am wanting to start running to lose weight and to enter the Race for Life, but i suffer from post thrombotic syndrome which causes pain in my lower leg after a DVT in 1997. Will running/walking help this leg pain in the long term and will it be less debillitating as I am finding it now on only short runs.

        Thanx Sel

  22. Simone says:

    Hi all.
    Iv never written on a blog before so this is new lol.
    I would love to get into running but I find it difficult to motivate myself on my own (as no one wants to join me) and I find that my legs can keep me going but my lungs just won’t let me run very far! I find myself having to stop after a few mins! Any advice?!
    Thanks :)

    • John says:

      Get James’s course. For me shortness of breath is the biggest problem at first when getting back to running, but the quickest problem to fix. However, some guidance the first time you are going through the process surely helps.

    • Dana Hansen says:

      Simone, you are not the only one.
      Breathing is my “obstacle” as well, especially after longer periods without running. James can defineitelly advise you with this , as he has me, but I think “pushing” a little more each day works, and take DEEPER and LONGER breaths in, as you push harder.
      Just like giving gas to the car.
      Having said that, I am very thankful that my legs are still strong to push me farther. I usually add a little distance every day, to get back to the earlier performance.
      Work and determination, just like in everything else.
      And James’ support, feels like gold!
      Good luck, Simone!

  23. Gillian Macintyre says:

    Hi I have been running for 3 years and have been a Jogscotland leader for about year and a half . Never really lost any weigh but I can see my body changing would love to lose about a stone . Doing a half in april my first any tips gill x

  24. Simone says:

    Thanks peeps for the advice I will give it my best efforts! X

    Best ways I have found to loose weight is to either eat little and often of good foods or to make sure that two thirds of your plate is fruit, veg or salad. It breaks everything down to water so it leaves your body quicker. Hope that helps :) x

  25. Lee says:

    Having been going to the gym for almost a year now I started to get a little disgruntled with my lack of weight loss.
    I then spoke to the nutritionist at the gym who made me keep a food diary. The outcome of which was that I was eating more to compensate for the added effort.
    I am now eating good wholesome balanced food and have reduced my intake. Low and behold I have shifted 9 pounds since Christmas and am now under 16stone for the first time in too many years.
    Since the New Year I have started building up my run on the treadmill from 15 mins to 30 mins currently. My stamina is greatly improved and I am beginning to feel better and less breathy when running. In what appears to be no time at all I have reduced my 5k time from 35 to 29 minutes.
    Some of the things that have helped to motivate me are:-
    BMI – mine is still 30+ so I have set a goal of a sub 30 BMI by Pancake Day.
    Measurements – Chest, Hips, Waist, thigh and calf.
    Weight – If the weight stops coming off but any of my other key measurements change then I sleep easy.

    There is nothing lonelier than running alone so I will shortly be joining a local running club.

    Set goals and review them when achieved.
    By the end of April I want to be 15stone or under.
    This year I want to do a 5k, 10k and a mud run.
    Next year a half or full marathon.


    I have been running for the last couple of months, but only on a treadmill. I have been told that weight loss is more effective if you run on roads etc. but feel a bit embarassed as I dont think that I would be able to run as far outside and would then look stupid. Would really like to get into it as I am desperate to lose weight through exercise as well as following a health eating plan. Could do with some tips.

  27. Sharla says:

    I have been running for 3 weeks. I started out slow with walking 10 min, jogging 5, walking 10. I increase my jog time one min every week and today I ran 10 min. I have been walking 30 min 6 days a week for 3 months now and never thought I could actually run. I am 55 now, wow. I feel better than I have in years and am loosing weight. I have lost 20 lbs since the end of Nov.
    I intend to keep this up it makes me feel so good physically as well as mentally.

  28. tanja says:

    well I started running 2 months ago. I can now run for 5 k non stop, I am pretty amazed what you can teach your body. The breathing is going great. I am quite sore all over though. I guess still getting used to it. Following a friends tip I stood up to my waste in our pool after my last run (it is winter here at the moment, so the water is very cold). that just felt fantastic afterwards on my bones. I am just hoping I am not overdueing it? I am running 3 times a week with a days rest in between.

  29. jake6411 says:

    8 months ago I was 13 stones 3lbs. I am now 10 stones and running 10-12 kilometres 3 times a week. I feel and look better, and am inspired to run more. I would like to run a 5 or 10k, but have never run outside, and feel anxious about it. Any advice?

  30. Paola says:

    Hi, I’m 36 and I started running a couple years ago, I’m the type of person who never did any type of physical activity ever, not even PE in school (I always had an asthma excuse), now I run 4 miles everyday without dying, currently training for 1/2 marathon after running several 10k. I had black toenails, pain while training, runny nose, but I see my better defined legs, weight loss, I have more energy than most of my friends, and I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I push myself a little further. Running is awesome :)

  31. Caroline Lyons says:

    Hi James, I just started walking a mile and then I jog mile and half I’m starting to get shin splints is there any exercise to Provent this as I’m loving the jogging . I am doing this 4 days a week and I do other exercise 2 days. I’m not loosing weight but I can see my body shape changing.

  32. dominick Almilla says:

    thanks, great blog.