The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life – Part 2

Today I’m going to talk more about the important benefits of running. As I mentioned in Part 1, there are many other benefits of running as well as weight loss that have a tremendous impact on your life.

The benefits of running discussed in Part 1 were faster weight loss, living a healthier life, getting a better body shape, having more energy, feeling and looking younger, and living longer.

To read Part 1 click here

Being fully aware of these benefits and the ones described below will help you have the motivation to keep going and never give in because you too can experience these benefits.

Here are some other important benefits you can experience with running…

Lower risk of ill health and severe illness

Running has a powerful effect on your immune system which means that you spend more time feeling healthy and less time struggling with health problems.

However, running is not only great at helping you fight off common health problems, it also provides you with a lower risk of severe illness and diseases.

You have less chance of suffering from several types of cancers (such as breast, ovarian, and colon cancer), depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks, stroke, and arthritis.

Running provides an extra barrier between you and these negative parts of life. The fitter and healthier you become with running the more protection you have which is great for you as well as for everyone else in your life.

Increased ability to handle stress

With running you get time away from the pressures, anxieties, and hassles of life.

Running also helps you to free and relax your mind, and you know that every time you run it’s going to make you feel much better than before.

Whatever your stresses in life, whether it’s your job, your children, or your relationships, running gives you a complete break from this stress.

This is very important for your mental health because running takes you from a negative to a positive mindset. It also allows you to get more out of your day which ultimately means getting more out of your life.

Sharper mind

Have you ever got to 8pm, 6pm, or even 4pm and thought that the day was pretty much over? Your mind has had enough and you can’t do anything that requires any brain power.

With running you get a much healthier and sharper mind.

You can do more things with your family and friends because you feel more alive. You can do more work on a project and complete it at a higher level due to your sharper mind and greater concentration levels.

Running helps you enjoy more of your time while feeling great, rather than allowing precious hours in your day just waste away.

Better sleep

Running is great at relaxing the body and mind and removing stress which has a positive effect on your sleep.

You get to fall to sleep quicker, sleep longer, and your sleep is higher quality.

Better quality sleep means that you feel more alert and have more energy rather than feeling mentally tired and sluggish. You also go through the day with a more positive mindset rather than feeling grumpy.

Let running help you get the best out of your sleep which also helps you get more out of every day.

Greater sense of achievement

When you experience more and more benefits of running it becomes very easy to appreciate that you’re improving important parts of your life.

You see that your physical and mental health are significantly improving which also results in a significantly improved life. This provides a massive sense of achievement.

Knowing that you’re developing your life for the better and always moving forward is a powerful feeling. It gives you a great sense of achievement where you feel that you’re getting more out of life rather than wasting it away.

Feeling more attractive

Imagine the average person that carries excess weight and has fleshy parts that they’d prefer other people didn’t see. How attractive do they feel?

Now consider someone who runs that has slender, healthy muscle with a low body fat. They look toned and athletic and don’t care about who sees their body. How attractive do they feel?

There’s a huge difference here in how these people feel about their body which has a serious effect on how they view themselves.

Running helps you develop a healthier and better looking body which means that you naturally feel more attractive.

More positive mindset

Imagine that you got to experience all the benefits of running that I’ve talked about here. How much more positive would you feel?

Remember that your state of mind, whether it’s positive or negative, affects how much you enjoy life and determines everything you get out of life.

Running helps you develop a more positive mindset which leads to a better life for you and everyone else in your life.

Let’s wrap it up

So far we’ve covered quite a bit in these two blog posts but I still have some other important benefits that I want you to know about. In a few days I’ll post the third and final part of this series of blog posts.

As I prepare for my next blog post I’d like to ask you the same 2 quick questions as before:

  1. Can you relate to any of the benefits that I’ve talked about here and which ones?
  2. Have you experienced any other benefits of running that are not mentioned here?

Feel free to share any comments or experiences that you’ve had as I’m sure that other people will find them useful and motivating.


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5 Responses to The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life – Part 2

  1. Remy says:

    Hi, I really want to start running and reap all these benefits but I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis. There is no park around where I live, will I do myself great damage by road running?

    • James says:

      If you can run without pain due to your arthritis then you should be ok, although you should also check this with your doctor.

      It’s a case of building up your running steadily and allowing your body to adapt to the running so that your body becomes stronger and fitter.

  2. Remy says:

    Thanks for your reply. There’s just so much conflicting advice out there and my consultant gave me a definite NO. However, I have had the pain for two years, mainly in my hands. But when I have been training I’ve felt so much better overall. Maybe it’s in my mind – but it works for me! So i’m def gonna keep on running (or rather, start again!) Your e-mails have inspired me so much! Thanks for your advice James.

  3. Robert Sherry says:

    Hi James thanks a mill for the blog there are some great motivational points & facts in there. Facts the I would not normally think about when preparing to run. I am still in the early stages of running, however I have put it to some of my colleagues in work that we should run after work to boost each other. The feed back has been positive. Watch this space. Thanks a mill for all your excellent advice. Best Regards Bob Sherry

  4. Holly Glenn says:

    With all the benefits running provides, I can’t imagine anyone choosing not to run!
    Dr. Bean