The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life – Part 3

Here’s where we finish the series of blog posts talking about the many benefits of running and why running changes your life. Yes running is great for losing weight but it also helps with all other aspects of your life.

The benefits of running discussed in Part 1 were faster weight loss, living a healthier life, getting a better body shape, having more energy, feeling and looking younger, and living longer.

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The benefits of running discussed in Part 2 were having a lower risk of ill health and severe illness, increased ability to handle stress, having a sharper mind, getting better sleep, feeling a greater sense of achievement, feeling more attractive, and having a more positive mindset.

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Here are some other important benefits of running to add even more fuel to your fire…

More confidence

When you lose weight, get better health and fitness, get a better body, feel and look younger, feel more attractive, and feel like you’re achieving more with your life…

It does so much for your confidence!

What more could YOU achieve in life if you had the confidence and self-belief to make it happen?

Running helps you along the path to more confidence and a better life.

Increased discipline and commitment

Running teaches you the important skills of discipline and commitment because you need consistent practice to keep seeing improvements. It teaches you to put in the effort rather than looking for a quick fix.

You can’t trick yourself to a lower body weight, better health and fitness, or a better body shape, you have to do it!

If you don’t put in any time or effort then you don’t receive any of the benefits of running.

If you do put in the time and effort then you get to experience more and more benefits of running that can literally change your life.

Increased ambition

When you stick with running and experience the benefits it provides and the improvements in your life, it makes you believe so much more in what you can achieve.

You enjoy the feeling of achievement and the improved self confidence. You also want to experience these feelings more and more and just keep getting better and better. This helps in all areas of your life.

Running gives you a greater belief that you can achieve more in life, and because of that belief you actually do get more out of life.

Helping your family and friends

Your family and friends watch what you do in your life and very often they copy what you do.

If you have a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle then your friends and family are also likely to have a similar lifestyle. If you are healthy and fit then your family and friends are more likely to become healthier and fitter.

Whatever you do in life you are setting an example for your family and friends whether it’s a good example or a poor one.

With running you are improving your life in so many ways and it’s clear for everyone to see. You are setting a positive example that others can follow.

You’re not just improving your own life with running, you’re improving the lives of the people you love!

Replaces unhealthy and harmful activities

There are many things that leave you with a poorer quality of life such as lack of exercise, overeating, smoking, taking drugs, and drinking too much alcohol.

Running can also be addictive like these but it’s a positive addiction. When you know that every time you run it’s going to make you feel much better than before, it makes it difficult not to do it. You want to keep feeling the experience.

With running you have a positive focus that adds rather than detracts from your life. That’s why many people have been able to replace unhealthy and harmful activities with the positive activity of running.

Getting treated differently

There are many, many people that admire and respect runners. They would like to be runners themselves but haven’t got the motivation or belief to do anything about it.

So as a runner you get treated with more respect. You get treated like someone with superior health and fitness, and someone that puts in the effort to improve their life.

You’re not someone who makes excuses and accepts a lower quality of life. You’re a runner that cares about their health and body and is willing to do something about it.

Guilt free eating and drinking

Most people have experienced eating or drinking something unhealthy and then having that negative guilty feeling afterwards.

The feeling of regret, disappointment, frustration, and even disgust.

Running helps to eliminate these feelings because when you’re improving your health and fitness with running, and you’re putting in the time and effort to improve your life…

It makes it so much easier to have unhealthy foods and drink from time to time and not feel bad about it.

You can just enjoy them. After all you deserve it!

Here’s what you can take from these blog posts

This series of 3 blog posts has shown you the many benefits of running, not just in terms of weight loss but with all aspects of your life.

I’m glad to say that I’ve experienced all of these benefits and I know that you can too.

You have so much to gain from running and I hope these blog posts motivate you to keep going and never give in because you can do it!

Just to finish, I’d like to ask you one question…

What’s the greatest benefit that running has given you?

Once again feel free to share any comments or experiences you’ve had as I’m sure that other people will find them useful and motivating.

I would also like to wish you all the best with your running and I hope that you get as much out of running as I have over the years. I know that you can!

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11 Responses to The Benefits of Running and Why Running Changes Your Life – Part 3

  1. James says:

    For me the greatest benefit that I’ve got from running is probably the sense of achievement.

    It’s the feeling of satisfaction and pride that I get from knowing that I’m making the most of my physical and mental health and not letting it go to waste.

    Even after all these years running I still feel like I’m achieving something every time I run and that’s a big motivation for me.

    What’s the greatest benefit that running has given you?

  2. denise says:

    Thank you so much for the help. Given after 16 weeks people are asking me what’s new. Have lost some weight, but the shape of my body has changed. I know I have a long way to go but no injuries yet and steady progress. The blog makes great reading for us beginners as well. Thank-you

  3. maha says:

    hi there
    i want to share my experinence with you guys as i discoverd running ,im a female 51 years old bit overweight have loads of responisbilty that life throws on me as a daughter,mother, wife,worker………and i feel the stress so i decided to join a gem and wow what a diffrence it made to my life….they have a running track… i started waking up early mornings before work and started walking ….running…..and i felt so good ….asmy troubles dissapers ..i just wanted to share this with u guys abt how running can lift ur spirts and make u get rid of the negative thoughts in ur life

  4. angie prela says:

    Help I need motivation-I keep getting out of breath while running and have to stop and walk.ok I m half a stone overweight and pushing 60 but has anyone any tips for me? Angie

    • ian says:

      I agree with lesley. If you are out of breath you are running too fast. Run much slower, even if you are almosts tip-toeing your way forward. It also helps to synchronise your breathing with your steps. I breathe in for 2 steps and out for 2 steps. In your head you can count IN, IN, OUT, OUT, etc and a rhythm quickly builds so that it becomes automatic. It may help to just do this running on the spot to start with but the secret is to start slowly and it will improve on its own.

  5. Lesley says:


    Run slower, even if you feel like you could walk faster than you run. I struggled at first with my breathing too and I ran so slow I almost felt like I was on the spot ; ). Take it really slow, your speed will come in time.

    I also got an inhaler, I don’t suffer with asthma but found running outside at first closed my airways. Soon got used to the cold air and don’t really use it any more. I only used it just before a run.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Liza says:

    Hi Angie,
    some motivation for you, I joined weight watchers for the 3rd time and knew that diet alone was not going to achieve the healthy, fitter body I wanted. I started power walking then slowly jogging increasing the distance each time. I have a better mindset now like James says in his blogs and lost 18 kgs. I recently discovered a lump in my breast that was masked when I was overweight, that was stage 1. I will be ok and I hope my comments help in your motivation

  7. Ronnie Sage says:

    Let me just start by saying that James and his encouragement has been a god send, I just turned 43 and started running a couple months ago, Im about 70lbs overweight and typed in running for beginners and found James website. The info and help from James is wonderful. I thought I was abnormal for starting to run at my age but the comments from everyone told me that is not true. I run 3-4 times a week and the results are good on the days I dont feel like running I remember at the end of the day I have NEVER regreted running but if I dont run I regret not running. my advise to those just starting one foot in front of the other it does get easyer. Thanks again James you have helped me change my life.

    • James says:

      You’re very welcome Ronnie. It’s good to hear that you’re doing well.

      I hope that you keep enjoying your running and make great progress to losing those 70lbs.

  8. Dana Hansen says:

    Running gave me countless benefits, some are visible, some are not.
    I would say the greatest one is ENERGY, I didn’t think possible!
    I was dragging my feet at the end of the day (like 7 pm), and almost changed in my Pj, ready for bed. I was even to tired to read, or watch TV.
    I still marvel now, at how much MORE energy I have , I have a long list of things I do before going to bed: I can catch up on my reading, writting, organize my bills, catch up a movie, go for Toastmaster meetings late in the day.
    I go to sleep not earlier than 11pm, otherwise I am up at 4 am, ready for work.
    Top that if you can!
    A slender body, rosie cheeks, better health ( I haven’t seen a dr. in a long time),and a great sense of achievement, are amongst many other benefits.
    Thanks again James, for making this change possible !
    And one can’t beat the SUPER feeling one gets just after completing a nice run!!
    Short or long, it’s “a breath of fresh air” in more ways than one!
    Same as Ronnie, I regret the days I don’t run, and I make a point of “finding” the time..even a few 20 or so.
    I can’t imagine NOT running, and I don’t know how I survived before!
    Age is not an issue: I am 56 now, started 2 years ago.
    Good luck! YOU CAN do it!

    • James says:

      That’s great Dana. You’ve obviously got a lot out of running and done really well.

      It looks like you’ll be running for many years to come with everything that you’re getting out of it. Keep up the good running!