Using Gratitude to Reduce Frustration and Feel Great About Life

I’d like to share something with you today that will instantly make you feel better about your weight, your health and fitness, your body, and even your life as a whole.

Many people go through life constantly reminding themselves of what they haven’t got and have thoughts like…

“If only I weighed less I would feel so much better”

“I want to feel fitter and healthier”

“I wish I had a better body”

While it’s perfectly natural to have thoughts like these and they can help to push you onto success, they can also lead to many negative feelings…

Feelings of frustration and disappointment that you want things in your life that you haven’t got.

I experienced this several years back when I wanted things in my life that I didn’t have, things that I knew may take many months or even years to get. It didn’t feel good at all to think that I couldn’t have my new and improved life for quite some time.

I had frustrations about things like my job, my relationships, and my running ability. It made me feel like I was really struggling and not getting much out of life.

Then I tried a new approach, an approach that I think you’ll find very useful too.

I decided to remember what I have got in my life rather than worry about what I didn’t have.

So I started with a title called “Gratitude” and I listed everything that I was grateful for in my life and why I was grateful for them.

Things like my close family and friends, having the opportunity to be fit and healthy, being able to run, and having the freedom to do whatever I want in life. Things that are so easy to take for granted.

I then spent a few minutes at the end of each week looking at my list and reminding myself of everything that I have in life. This is something that I still do now.

It reminded me that “ok it may have been a tough week, things may not have worked out as I wanted, but this is what I’ve still got in my life”.

This helped me to think with a more positive mindset rather than a negative one.

I started to appreciate that maybe my life wasn’t that bad after all. In fact I realised that my life was pretty good and that I should be grateful for the life I have.

Yes I still wanted those things in my life that seemed so far away, and I still do, but now the frustration had disappeared.

What about you?

Maybe you are feeling frustration right now with your weight, health and fitness, or body. Maybe you have that nagging feeling that you should be getting more out of your life.

Why not make your “Gratitude” list and see how this helps to ease the frustration and help you think more positively about what you do have in your life?

It’s still alright to think that you don’t have the health, fitness, or body that you want at the moment, but use this to push you on with motivation and enthusiasm rather than hold you back with worry and frustration.

Worry and frustration won’t help you towards your goals and they won’t make the things that you want happen any quicker. Motivation and enthusiasm will!

All the things that you want will come with time if you stick at it and keep improving various aspects of your life. It’s only a matter of time before you experience the results.

In the meantime remember what you have got in your life and enjoy the journey and experiences along the way!


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2 Responses to Using Gratitude to Reduce Frustration and Feel Great About Life

  1. Dana Hansen says:

    Wow..I’ve read James’s message in one breath: my feelings exactly!
    By the way, I read the blog daily; it motivates me in a way I never thought possible (like all the emails from James).
    I DO TOO have a book that I write in almost every night, in which I express my gratitude for every good thing that I have , and at the end of the day it gives me a “super light ” feeling and makes me feel so fortunate, and “eager” to start a list of new things to do , for example, I decided to sign up for swimming(I’ll do that today).
    For a long time I didn’t do it, because the aquatic centre is 20 min away from my house. I thought that was to far to travel, but then I DO travel that much anyway almost every day to run errands, shopping, etc.
    So my “excuse” doesn’t stand! What was I thinking??!!!
    We wish we had everything, but noone has.
    But being thankful for what we DO have , not only IS RIGHT, but it gives us a “liberating” feeling , and a boost of energy to “get out” and do other benefiacial things.
    I hope you will too.

  2. Fiona Evans says:

    Well said Dana, I do agree. Thanks to James as well for his brilliant blog and tips. I am off to the AGM to become a member of the local running club this coming week. I have got so hooked with my running and feeling so good and full of energy – life is definately worth living and not a day goes by where I want to achieve something new.