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How Quick Should You Lose Weight with Running?

Everybody wants great results and they want them as quickly as possible. That’s why most people wanting to lose weight with running would like to know the answer to these two questions… How quick should I lose weight with running? … Continue reading

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Have You Changed Over The Years? For Better or Worse?

When I was younger I used to think that I stayed the same. Year after year my circumstances would change, I would have different things in my life, but I would always stay the same. No matter what happened I … Continue reading

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Why the Body Mass Index is Flawed

Many people use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to measure their health and weight loss progress when really it doesn’t provide the whole picture. In this video you get to learn three things about the Body Mass Index which are… … Continue reading

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5 Mental Tricks to Make Running Feel Easier

Although running is a very physical activity, a lot of what you get out of running and how quickly you improve will depend on your mental strengths. When the going gets hard the easiest thing to do is slow down … Continue reading

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How to Keep Running While Avoiding Time Off

A problem a lot of people have with running is that they stop running but then realise weeks, months, or even years later that they’ve made a big mistake. They want to get back into running to help with their … Continue reading

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Why Most Diets Don’t Work

Why is it that most people who lose weight while on a diet put the weight back on just as quickly as they lost it? And why is it that most people who go on a diet don’t lose any … Continue reading

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Started Running but Not Losing Weight

First of all thank you to everyone who provided comments and feedback about my first video. A lot of people found my video and your comments really useful. In today’s video I talk about two of the main reasons why … Continue reading

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How to Motivate Yourself to Run on Your Own

Sometimes people find it hard to motivate themselves to run on their own and they either don’t run at all or don’t run as much as they’d like to. I experienced this myself when I first started running… At first … Continue reading

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How To Lose Weight

Today I’m going to cover the important principles behind how to lose weight and make it perfectly clear what you need to do to be successful. Some of what I talk about here will be a reminder for some of … Continue reading

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How Often Should You Be Running?

Very often both beginner runners and experienced runners don’t understand how to put together a training plan that helps them get the best out of their running. Some people don’t run enough but expect great results. Other people are the … Continue reading

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