Overcoming Resistance to Change to Get More Out of Your Life

Well here we go. I promised you some videos and this is where it all starts with my first ever video.

In this video you get to watch me go well out my comfort zone. See how I’m overcoming my resistance to change, and how you can do the same to get more out your running, your weight loss, and ultimately your life.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful.

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42 Responses to Overcoming Resistance to Change to Get More Out of Your Life

  1. Bec says:

    Hey James! You’re video has just given me a very big ‘ah ha’ moment! Thank you so much, Bec. :)

  2. julie shaw says:

    Hi James
    Was glad I watched the video today as I am having a bad day, I weighed myself this morning and I had put on 1 and half pound and it really pissed me off as I have been training hard. I have been running/walking now for 3 weeks my normal routine is monday and friday 2 and 3 quarter mile run/walk and tues thurs 4 mile walk/run I am running 8 times during a 30 min period mostly up hill so i am really pushing myself, I am watching what I eat too, not drinking any alcohol since new year and have only lost 3lb please can you help in any way I’m at my wits end with it and am feeling very disheartened. I’m not at the stage of giving up at all, if anything its making me want to get out more just to prove to myself I can do it.

    • James says:

      Well done with what you’ve done so far Julie.

      At the start with running, or any exercise, you can add a little muscle while losing weight from fat. These can cancel each other out so it looks like you’re not doing as well as you are.

      However, your body is becoming healthier due to having less fat and you’re also becoming fitter. So keep going and you’ll keep losing weight from fat but you’ll not keep gaining muscle. Hopefully then you’ll see better weight loss results.

      Keep it up Julie, you’re doing well!

      • Kristina says:

        Thank you James for the motivation.

      • Deborah says:

        Hi Julie, I have been running for over a year now.. I put 4lb on over xmas.. I run 3x aweek 5k each time.. and i’m still 4lb over, but my clothes fit better.

  3. denise mc manus says:

    Hi James, your video has made me get on my trackies and go out for a speed walk/run, im only doing 2 days a week but im finding it hard in this weather to push myself to go out. I have 3 kids, work and a house to run on my own so it can be a chalenge for me. Im not fat but need to lose my tummy and tone up. I love reading your mail so thank you so much it keeps me motivated. Denise

  4. Kathy Andrews says:

    Since turning 50 this past week, I am getting geared up to make life and lifestyle changes. Lossing weight and improving my physical stamina are top goals for the year, and as a beginner you hit the nail on the head about not having the courage to get out and get going. It is crazy to think many of us have to overcome these hurdles but with your words and encouragement…I have no doubt, I will be calling myself a runner in the months to come!
    Thank you,

  5. janine says:

    thanks for the video James , some how it makes you real ha ha !! Its good to read other people comments it just give’ s me more will power gona try and push past the 3 mile mark this weekend keep the videos up

  6. Cheryl says:

    Well done James! you have given yourself a challenge and I could tell in your voice how nervous you was, but hey it will get better in time the more you do. And that is the good advice you give about running. Confidence and energy is low to start with but then you build it up gradually in time. I have just got back into running after 3 months off and I have been finding it hard, but I challenge myself each time, if I stop at a lamp post I will say to myself I will beat that the next time so I push myself each time. I find this very useful in my running and I also do different routes which is good. When I finish work I run up to school to pick the kids up and then we walk down to the car. I have a spare half hour when I finish work so I do my running in this time, it saves me from going out on a night. The kids are enjoying doing this. I do this three times a week, 2 x 30 mins runs and 1 x 1hour run. I have no excuses now because this fits in great for me. I get funny looks from the other mums, I was bothered before and it did knock me abit but then I thought no its me who will get all the good results at the end of the day. Your video inspired me and I look forward to the next one. Thanks

  7. dana hansen says:

    Your first video is Fantastic!
    It says “motivation” all over it!

    Bravo, James!
    I’m going out running right now, and push myself just a little more each day.
    Keep them comming, fantastic!
    And thanks a lot again!

  8. Ronnie Sage says:

    Great job James. Change is never easy but is needed, The change I made about a month ago to start running has not been easy but life changing. I cant thank you enough for the advise and encouragement I feel better and have more energy and my blood pressure is way down so much so I may not need the blood pressure medicine soon, So thank you sooooo much for the help.

  9. Tracey Heayns says:

    This is great James. I didn’t want to run this morning until I read your e-mail, this made get up early and run a quicker pace than before!!!! You are so right about getting out of your comfort zone, it is the hardest thing to do! I’m really enjoying your e-mails! Please keep them coming!!!!

    Well done for the video!

  10. James says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you ALL for your comments about your experiences and also for the feedback about the video so far. I appreciate it, and I’m really glad that you found the video useful and motivating.

    Video is something that I’ve never done before and I expect it will take me a bit to get used to. However, like everyone with their running and weight loss you’ve got to start somewhere.

    As I mentioned in the video it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself, and overcoming that resistance to change that we all feel at times. I’ll be doing that with my videos and I hope that you ALL keep doing the same with your running.

    Everyone has different challenges, but when you always keep trying to improve that’s when you get the best results, and it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to get there.

    I look forward to providing you with more videos.

  11. Kate says:

    The video was very motivating, James, as are your comments. I am very much a beginner and your tips help me remember why I’m running. My main aim is to get fitter in order to play badminton better (but a bit of weight loss would be very welcome too). I was over the moon this week when another badminton player commented that I seem fitter as I am faster getting to make the shots now! (No-one has said that I look slimmer!) Along with your help I will keep going – even in the rain. It’s worth it! Kate Cater

  12. Odete says:

    Hi James,
    I am still running however really struggle with pains on my legs and prevents me from running properly most of the time and give up before half way throught it. I always warm up and cool down, not sure what else to do?

    • Kelly cup cake says:

      I struggled with pain in my shins. I went to a local running shop who do gait analysis and fixed me up with new trainers and I’ve never looked back! worth a try?

  13. Lesley says:

    My first thought…..what a really nice man!! Expected you to be like these motivational speakers that can’t sit still and are excited over everything. Nothing wrong with those of course but I liked the fact you’re normal like the rest of us.

    I started your Tempo training program this week, tried it earlier last year but wasn’t fit enough at the time. I’ve not really trained since picking up an injury doing 10 miles on New Years Day (had to put the 10 miles in as I still can’t believe I ran that far). For those that are new to running don’t give up, I could barely run three miles last September and it took me nearly 40 mins to do those 3.

    Hopefully I’m back on track, would really like to lose some weight. Everyone above me on this blog needs to give themselves a big pat on the back. Some of you are quite grown up and you’re out there doing something that people half your age won’t do.

    In the months before Christmas I’ve had people stare, jeer, bip their horns to make me jump and drive through puddles to splash me. I’ve run in the snow, wind, rain and freezing conditions. The fat fools in their cars can mock….I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Everyone else should be too.

  14. Lauren says:

    Ah bless! lol you did look out of your comfort zone a little bit so i would like to thank you for putting yourself through that for our benefit :)

    I accept your challenge and will go out in the morning and let you know how i got on .

    Thank you x

  15. Sue says:

    Hi James

    I have been running the same route, same speed for a few months now. I will take your advice. Once the nights start staying lighter later, it will be easier for me to take different routes.

    Thank you

    Sue x

  16. Jean says:

    Hi James

    I have just watched your video and it has inspired me. To try harder,push myself more and believe that I can do it.

    I have been running for about six week now, doing the same route but not losing any weight. I went for a 10 mile run on Saturday and managed to run most of because as I was running, I kept telling myself I can do this.

    Thanks for your Help


  17. James says:

    Well done everybody with what you’ve achieved so far and for committing to get even more out of your running.

    Keep pushing yourself and keep trying to improve your fitness and running ability and over time you’ll be rewarded with results that most people can only dream about.

  18. Fiona Evans says:

    Hi James, Well done on your first video. I went out for a run yesterday and came home in a horrible mood. I was useless, been doing this for nearly a year and felt I was getting nowhere. Thanks for your advice, I need to push myself further. I am toying with the idea of entering our local 10k on 27th March but worrying about making a fool of myself with probably the slowest time ever but No I am determined to have a go – the entry form has been on the dining room table for a week but tomorrow its been sent off.

    Thanks again for your advice and making me more determined to improve with my running – I really do love it.

    • James says:

      You’re very welcome Fiona and so is everyone else. Thank you all for your comments.

      It’s good to hear that you’re going for the 10k. I think you’ll enjoy it and have a good experience. Feel free to let us know how you got on.

    • Kelly cup cake says:

      Hiya Fiona, i just wanted to encourage you to enter the 10k. I did my first one last year and had all the worries you do about looking stupid! It was a fantastic day and one I will remember! I came about 800th. But who cares! I did it and a year before that I would have never have believed I could of achieved that! Sign up and have a fun day! X

  19. Deborah says:

    Hi James,
    It’s great that you care, Thank you

  20. clifford says:

    Thank God for someone who cares about us ordinary none superhuman athletes! I’ve been a runner all my life, 6min mile pace. Then in November 2002 I had a ‘stroke’, after deep depression and years of intensive therapy I’m back on the road, How I missed my running, I was in despair not taking part and only watching my favourite race the Great North Run. I’ve been back running now since November 2010, it’s very hard work starting over again but at 59 years old I need to keep going to maintain my health for the later years, I know I’ll never run 6min pace again, who cares, I just like to be on the road and especially running through my local woods, your video is very inspirational and I congradulate you James on a job well done!

    • James says:

      Well done Clifford. It’s great that you’ve been able to overcome the stroke and get back running again.

      It must have been a very long and painful struggle on the way back but you’ve got there. Back to running and hopefully you’ll enjoy it more than ever. I hope you do well.

    • Sheri says:

      Clifford, while I’m so sorry to hear of your setback, I’m thrilled to hear your successful return and at a fairly good age after such a debilitating turn too! BRAVO, man!!!! I’m inspired. I have no useful excuses. Keep it up & take care.

  21. Ronnie Sage says:

    I just wanted to say to any new runners make the best investment in yourself and buy James book it will help with any questions you may have and avoid the mistakes us new runners make I have been out of work for 7 months and found a way to buy the book and worth every penny, You will get much better results and faster with the running plans Thanks again James

    • James says:

      You’re very welcome Ronnie and thank you.

      I’m really glad that you’re finding my eBooks and training plans useful.

      Keep up the good running!

  22. ruth says:

    Great video. I am a beginner runner and haven’t quite gotten used to running, but love it. You have given me the motivation to stick with it. thank you, ruth

  23. Kelly cup cake says:

    Well done James for braving the camera! Keep it coming x

  24. Darlene says:

    Thanks James for all your emails and your vidio. Nice to beable to put a face with your name. I have questions about running…… How often should you run? How do we go about challanging ourselves?? Do we increase speed or concentrate on distance? Would love to run 10k by May currently running 4 mile in 45 mins on a tradmill!! Any info will help Thanks again Darlene

  25. Bill says:


    Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Adding a face and audio to what I have read is supporting and adds more credo for me.

    I too am like Clifford have had some health issues, but basically never ran for consistency, nor enjoyment. More like a fleeting intention.

    I have been in the medical field for over forty years with ten or so mixed in law enforcement. I know (over a year and a half ago) had my position eliminated and have been unable to find a job. Thus I refocused on law enforcement, but kept putting off the physical training readiness for testing. Now I have commited to make it as the medical opportunities are nil for an old man.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and help motivate me to retake my life.

    I have never smoked, but have COPD, this is a major problem for any time / distance running and I really need to get there.

    Thanks again.



    • James says:

      You’re very welcome Bill, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the video.

      After plenty of practice I’m now feeling much more comfortable doing the videos and am getting much better at them.

      Keep up the good running and keep improving!

  26. Sheri says:

    James, I found your video quite charming. Many have such well polished videos, it can be a bit intimidating. I enjoyed yours very much, you’re a beginner at something here, just like many of us are at running. So we’re all starting at the same pace. Thank you. Looking foreward to more video encouragement & we can save this video to watch you ‘grow’ as a videographer!

  27. Domenique Parson says:

    James I really appreciate your advice on running great tips. If that was your first video then I know I will definitely enjoy your other videos. I must say that I have gotten into a rut but I’m not giving up on my weightloss journey, I kind of hurt the top of my foot, I think it was the shoes so I could barely run on it but I will be ok. Thanks again for your newsletter and even considering giving me advice on my running and weightloss journey. Wish me luck and continued success, and I wish you the best in your career.

  28. Sara says:

    Thanx for this, going to try and run faster and for longer and hopefully I can improve :D

  29. Jean says:

    Hi James Thank you for advice on beginners and advanced running. I am a beginner and would like maybe to just do a video soley for beginners then maybe one solely for advanced. I loved the advice and hopefully will let other beginners know we all feel the same.
    Great job Thanks

  30. Kim says:

    Hi James,

    I’m new to running and started the course 2 weeks ago. I then fell I’ll and have battled to get back into it. After watching your video, I’m more motivated than ever to get started again, and can’t wait for tomorrow morning to get going. Thanks so much and I look forward to your next one.

  31. mark allsopp says:

    thanks james i found the video very helpful i do alot of running on treadmills his they any diffreace in running outside