Why People Don’t Like Setting Goals but You Should

In today’s video I talk about why you should set goals if you want to be successful. You’ll learn why many people don’t like setting goals and also why goal setting is VERY important.

If you don’t set goals then you’re virtually guaranteed to take much longer to achieve the running and weight loss results that you want, that’s if you ever get there.

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2 Responses to Why People Don’t Like Setting Goals but You Should

  1. clifford says:

    when you set goals, be realistic and make them achievable, mine this year after years off running is to set off early one sunny sunday morning and head for my local hills, slow and steady through miles of bluebell woods then making my way up to the moors and feel that cooling breeze. The run takes about two hours but I take my time, people want to run marathons or just a fun run, but make it achievable, better small than take a fall! Keep up the good work James.

  2. Fiona says:

    my goal is to get around my first 10k in 3 weeks time in a reasonable time. I did a comfortable 4 mile run on Wednesday night and actually, for the first time, felt I was enjoying it. Onwards and upwards now (literally upwards as the 10k is very “hilly” in places.
    Thanks again James for your useful advice.