How to Lose the Last Stone or Less when Running to Lose Weight

As you keep using running to lose weight there will come a time when you have less than one stone (14 pounds) to lose to reach your desired weight.

This can be the hardest of all the weight to shift which makes it very frustrating. You’ve put in plenty of time and effort to reach this stage but then you find it very difficult to get over the final hurdle…

You’re almost there but something’s holding you back from the breakthrough that you’re looking for.

An important area to look at here is the type of running methods that you’re using.

Are you using the same running methods and strategies that you’ve always used, and if so why?

The running methods that work for someone who needs to lose 3 stone, or half their body weight, are totally different from someone who needs to lose a stone or less.


Because they’re likely to have very different fitness and running abilities.

What may have really helped you lose weight in the past no longer works because your body has adapted to that type of running and it’s become too easy.

Your body needs more of a challenge so that you can keep improving your fitness and running ability. This will improve your ability to burn calories which allows you to keep losing weight.

If you already have some running experience and have got down to the last stone or less then you’ll have the ability to run at a variety of speeds. You should be taking advantage of this by completing a variety of running methods.

You’ll also be able to use much more advanced running methods than when you first started using running to lose weight so you should also be taking advantage of this.

Don’t stick with the same tried and tested ways that have helped you lose weight before because they will NOT keep working.

It’s very likely that they’ll stop working as your weight decreases and before you reach your desired weight. You’ll hit a plateau in both your running and weight loss where you struggle to get anymore results.

That’s really frustrating for many people because they do the same things that may have been working, but now the weight loss has dried up and it’s hard to understand why.

Well here’s what you need to know…

If you want to get the best running and weight loss results, your aim should be to progress to more advanced running methods and strategies as you lose weight and your fitness increases.

By doing this you’ll keep progressing with both your running and weight loss rather than using methods that were once effective at helping you lose weight but are no longer working.

This is one of the main principles that you learn about in my running programs. You are shown how to keep improving your running ability and your ability to burn calories which makes it easier for you to lose weight, and keep on losing it.

Becoming a fitter and better runner is a crucial part of losing weight with running because that’s how you’ll get the best results in the shortest time.

Staying comfortable with the running that you’re doing now is very unlikely to keep getting you the results that you want…

You need to keep pushing yourself and develop your fitness and running ability if you want to lose that last stone or less.


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4 Responses to How to Lose the Last Stone or Less when Running to Lose Weight

  1. shane forwood says:

    hello james,thanks for your e-mails,,they are very helpful. i need to lose about 2 stone and i have started running,at the moment i am running 2.5 miles in around 25-30 mins. am i doing too much too soon? cheers for your help,shane.

    • James says:

      You’re welcome Shane, I’m glad that you’re finding my information helpful.

      Everybody is different when they start running in terms of their running ability and how quickly they can progress. So you should see how your body reacts to your running and ease back if you need to.

      Also, don’t go try running nearly every day at the start and don’t make every run a hard run. This will give your body time to strengthen and get into running.

  2. Michele says:

    Very helpful hints! Thank you

  3. Runners delight says:

    Good informative article.
    I started at 13 stones 8lb at the start of 2012, and with a general change to my lifestyle I am now 10 stones and 10 lb, a combination of IF, HIIT training, boxing and a lot of jogging.
    I aim to work out at least five days a week, I am becoming bemused as last night on my 11 km jog while I pushed myself I thought “this is easier than it was last year”, so I speeded up, ran up hills and so on.
    My weight seems to have hit a block, I can not seem to lose anymore weight and I am finding this annoying, my bmi is 24.5, so within an okay range but still at the higher end, so therefore my bmi goal is 22.5-23.5, I have debated simply not eating and water fasting but as someone who also has bulima this is not ideal.
    Anyway interesting article, oh another thing, I have recently commenced with Jillian Micheals six week abs work out, 35 minutes has me drenched in sweat, heart rate racing, yet my long jogs barely raise a sweat, looks like I really need to focus more on fast and intense short bursts of working out, and view my long jogs as a chance to unwind.