Successful Weight Loss Begins With These 3 Things

Today I’m going to talk about 3 key things that you MUST have if you want to be successful with your weight loss.

Without these 3 things you have zero chance of losing weight and keeping it off. However, by putting them in place you’ll have a much greater chance of success.

So let’s begin. Your weight loss success starts here…

1. An honest analysis of your present situation

Let me ask you a question…

Are you overweight?

Now the interesting thing is that a lot of people would have answered "No", even though they are unhappy with their weight and want to lose weight.

Most people don’t see themselves as overweight. They have a picture of themselves in their head and they tend to blind themselves from the truth.

Also when they see themselves in the mirror every day they don’t notice the small differences that happen over time. So the weight that keeps creeping up on them it doesn’t seem as bad as it really is.

That’s why a lot of people who are overweight get a sudden shock and only realise the true extent of their weight when it gets really bad. For example, they see a photo of themselves one day and realise what they’ve done to themselves.

So the first thing to get you onto the road of weight loss success is to do an honest analysis of your present situation.

And here’s the truth…

Whether you need to lose 7 pounds, 2 stone, or 5 stone, then you are overweight and you have a problem. So even if you’ve not got much weight to lose don’t think that you’re somehow excluded.

If you are unhappy with your weight and want to lose weight then you are overweight.

When you accept this and appreciate that you have a problem that badly affects all areas of your life then it’s time to move onto the next stage…

2. Acceptance of responsibility for your weight

So many people refuse to take responsibility for their weight, and overall they refuse to take responsibility for their physical and mental health which has such a huge impact on their life.

Most people choose the easiest thing to do about their weight problems which is either…

  • Do nothing
  • Do something but take it easy
  • Or quit at the first sign of defeat

It’s a shame that the majority of people choose one of these three options, but that’s one of the reasons why so many people struggle with their weight.

You need to be someone who takes full responsibility for your weight. Someone that says…

"I know I’m responsible for my weight, I know I can do better, and I’m going to get it done. No matter what"

When you’ve done an honest analysis of your present situation and you’ve accepted that you are fully responsible for your weight then you’re ready for the next stage…

3. The development of an achievable plan

Without a realistic and achievable plan you are going nowhere and have zero chance of being successful.

Follow the wrong plan and you’ll waste months or even years of your life doing things that don’t get the weight loss results you want. Plus there’s all the frustration that goes along with it.

That’s why a vital part of being successful with your weight loss is having a sound plan.

Now you can try to learn everything yourself and develop your own plan and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the way you want to go.

However, the quickest and easiest way is always to learn from someone with more knowledge and experience. That’s what my running programs and advice are for.

Whatever you decide to do make sure that you have a realistic and achievable plan, because without this you can put in all the time and effort in the world and you’ll still not get the results you want.

Get on the right path

What I’ve shown you here are 3 key things that you MUST have if you want to be successful with your weight loss.

It’s important that you take some time to think about where you are now and aim to move onto the next stage because when you have all 3 parts in place you have a much better chance of weight loss success.

Then it’s all about putting your plan into practice and getting results.


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5 Responses to Successful Weight Loss Begins With These 3 Things

  1. Jayne says:

    I think the following comment is dangerous:

    “If you are unhappy with your weight and want to lose weight then you are overweight.”

    A lot of people think they need to lose but don’t and this can lead to eating disorders. Your comments are unsympathetic to people who do need to lose weight, and potentially inflammatory for those people who should not lose weight.

  2. armande says:


    Breathing can be offensive and/or unsympathetic to someone if you look hard enough!!.

    I think the comment is very true. Ask an overweight person if they think they are overweight they will give you an excuse or reason rather than say yes’I am overweight’

  3. Phil says:

    I am very overweight and know it. I have been running for about two weeks and lifting weights for about four weeks. The most important thing that I have learnt over the past few weeks is that it is important to lose fat and not just weight. My weight loss is about a pound a week but my fat loss is much greater. I know this because I’ve dropped about 3 inches from my waist and clothes are becoming looser. And don’t forget that muscle is heavier than fat! Happy running.

    • James says:

      Well done so far Phil. You are right that it’s better to lose fat and not just weight. Losing fat but maintaining your muscle is the best way to lose weight and then be able to keep it off easily.

      Keep it up, you are doing well!