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How to Increase Your Metabolism

Today I’d like to provide you with some tips showing you how to increase your metabolism. Using these tips will ensure that you not only burn calories through your running, but also burn EXTRA calories throughout every single hour of … Continue reading

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Why You Should NOT Do The Same Runs Every Week

A lot of people make the mistake of running the same routes, over the same distances, at the same speeds, and on the same surfaces. In this video you’ll learn why you should NOT do the same runs every week … Continue reading

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Here’s What it’s Like to Feel Fit

When you want to lose weight and improve things like your health, fitness, and body, it’s hard to know what to expect. It’s also hard to appreciate what you can gain, especially if you haven’t experienced being really fit before. … Continue reading

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Would You Like a Slow Fix?

"What on earth is a slow fix?" I hear you ask. Well it’s the complete opposite of a "quick fix". It means that you look at losing your weight and then maintaining your weight as a longer term plan, rather … Continue reading

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Running to Lose Weight, but No Weight Loss

Just because you’re using the excellent calorie burning activity of running to lose weight doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful. Yes it provides you with a great chance of success when you follow the right running methods in the right … Continue reading

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Pay the Price and Get What You Want

There’s a major problem that most people have when trying to lose weight or trying to get most things that they want in life. Make sure you overcome this and you’re guaranteed to get a lot more of what you … Continue reading

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What Body Size Do You Eat Like?

Today I’m going to explain a simple idea to get you thinking about weight loss and what you eat in a different way rather than only looking at numbers on the scales. What body size you eat like determines what … Continue reading

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Should You Use The 10% Rule?

Today I’m going to let you know about the 10% rule and ask whether you should be using it. It’s more of a guide than a rule really but it’s something that’s often suggested as a blanket rule for runners … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Excuse or a Real Limitation?

Did you know that many people believe they are limited in so many ways and that they can’t do things when in fact they have EVERYTHING they ever need to be successful? They invent excuses to justify why they can’t … Continue reading

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