What Body Size Do You Eat Like?

Today I’m going to explain a simple idea to get you thinking about weight loss and what you eat in a different way rather than only looking at numbers on the scales.

What body size you eat like determines what body size you become. If you want to be a size 10 then you have to eat like a size 10. Having said this, there are two exceptions which are explained in the video.

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10 Responses to What Body Size Do You Eat Like?

  1. dana says:

    How true!
    James, remember how it took me a few months to realize that ice cream EVERY DAY is NOT reccomended if you want to lose weight; even if you are running???!
    Reduce your intake gradually, and in short time , your body will NOT REQUIRE as much food, and you will be comfy.
    It might sound boring, but I eat pretty much the same food every day. Some exceptions for birthdays, or other events, then the next day I go back to my “normal”.
    Enjoy, and happy running to all!

    • James says:

      Yes I remember that Dana.

      It’s the little things with people’s diet that all add up over the longer term. For example, consuming only 100 calories more per day than you need leads to a weight gain of around 10 pounds over a year.

  2. Paul Ward says:

    hi James,
    Great site and emails – keep them coming.
    I’ve just returned back to running. When I stopped I was running about 60 miles per week. Running marathons in 3.15 or under.
    I left it out for a year – I only put on 6Kg but think my body composition changed. I definately feel more flabby – waist gone up to 32/34 from 30.
    I’m up to 5 miles after a week of training but keeping a close eye on my diet – lots of fruit, normal portions of rice pasta, yogurt. BUT I do allow myself one meal a week as a treat.
    I’ve had a days rest but I’m off again today to do another 5 miles – its all hills around here.
    keep the email and videos coming

    Best wishes


    • James says:

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying the website and emails Paul.

      It sounds like you were a good runner. Under 3hrs 15mins for the marathon is very good.

      I bet you’re glad to get back to running after some time off. It may feel a bit hard at the start but you should improve quickly due to your previous fitness. I hope you do well!

      You are probably right about the body composition. As people get older, even if their weight doesn’t change much, they tend to lose muscle and gain fat. Running is a great help to lose the fat and then keep it off.

  3. Kelly cup cake says:

    I’ve just had a lightbulb moment. What a brilliant explanation. Simple but true and insightful, has made me look at the problem a differerent way. Unfortunately I’m eating for a size 16 at the moment and wishing to be size 10 so I totally understood what you meant.
    I have just started running again after 8months off, only up to a few miles at a time at present but working on it. Thanks for making me think about things from a different perspective.

    • James says:

      You’re welcome Kelly and thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that you found the video helpful.

      I hope you keep up the running and do well.

  4. Paul Ward says:

    There’s a couple of things I’ve noticed since I’ve started (Returned after a years absence from running).
    Firstly – my appetite has actually GONE DOWN – Really don’t know why, perhaps my body is using up reserves (excess fat) – once this gets low enough my hunger may return ???
    Secondly – round where I am hist really hilly – but I’m sure these hills have got steeper :-) – little inclines which I never used to notice I regard as hills now – I hope this is temporary – When I started last time I began on a treadmill and once I started on the road I suppose my fitness was so well established I just “coped” with the hills – Now I’m having to start all over again on the hills – please please tell me these hill will get easier ???
    I’ve been running 2 weeks this Wednesday and I’m up to five miles – bit slow though 10.43 per mile. My aim to is to be able to run 10 miles 6 days a week – no further – the challenge would be to run it quicker.
    My PB for 10 miles used to be 1.08. Long way to go :-(

    • James says:

      Those hills will definitely get easier Paul, no doubt about it.

      Consistent running will bring much of your previous fitness back quickly so keep up the good running and keep getting out there.

  5. Shelina Islam says:

    Very helpful. Diet is important as well running !! :-)

  6. Alexandra says:

    Hi James,

    Great analogy. How many calories is a size 10 diet per day? Just to know how much food one should be consuming?