Pay the Price and Get What You Want

There’s a major problem that most people have when trying to lose weight or trying to get most things that they want in life. Make sure you overcome this and you’re guaranteed to get a lot more of what you want.

Here’s the problem…

Most people are not willing to pay the price for what they want…

They want to get something for nothing instead.

This means that they want to take more out than they put in. They want to get all the rewards without paying the full price.

Let’s look at a few examples…

Look at all the people who buy things like televisions, cars, or holidays on credit knowing that they can’t really afford them. They want instant gratification without paying the price. However, the thing is they end up losing out and paying a much bigger price later on.

There’s the extra money that they spend with all the interest payments. Plus there are the unseen problems like the stress knowing that you owe all this money, and the nagging feeling in the back of your head when you know you’ve made a bad decision.

Or there’s the people who do a crash diet to try and lose weight too quickly. They don’t want to pay the price. They want a brief period of short term effort to lead to long term results.

While they may lose some quick weight, they end up paying a much bigger price. There’s that nagging feeling that you’re not doing the right thing or damaging your health. Plus they end up putting all the weight back on and even more.

It’s the same with exercise. A lot of people want to have great health and fitness, and a great looking body without paying the price. So they buy the latest stomach toning machine or gadget hoping that they’ll get super fast results without really doing anything.

They lose out because they waste time and money on something that doesn’t get them anywhere. Plus they feel stupid and frustrated for ever buying the thing in the first place.

Can you see a pattern here?

The people that try to get something for nothing NEVER get it. Just as importantly, they end up paying a much bigger price later in one way or another.

What should you do?

When you want to lose weight, improve your running ability, or do anything else for that matter, you have to pay the price FIRST.

That’s very, very important. You have to pay the price BEFORE seeing results. It’s not about paying the price later on or trying to get results without paying any price at all.

The thing is, when you pay the price, that’s when you actually get results as well as getting results that are going to last.

Not only that but you also feel so much better about it. When you achieve something like reaching your desired weight or running a 10k and you know you’ve worked for it, it does so much for your confidence, your self-belief, and your level of satisfaction.

You’re not trying to cheat your way to the weight, health and fitness, and body you want. You’re willing to pay the price FIRST and because of that you get results. You end up getting what you want.

So what is the price you pay?

Well usually the price involves putting in time and effort, and having some patience. Can you see now why so many people are unwilling to pay the price?

Most people don’t want to do this. They don’t want to commit things like time and effort without getting instant returns.

That’s why so many people NEVER get what they want. They are not willing to pay the price.

Another price that you pay is often cutting back or sacrificing other things in your life. This could be things like cutting back on food, not having as much of your favourite treats, or saving time by not watching as much television.

To pay the price here it’s about putting your physical and mental health as a higher priority and cutting back on the things that aren’t really important, or getting rid of the things that are holding you back.

So the real question is this…

Are YOU willing to pay the price?

That’s all you have to do to get the weight, health, fitness, and body you want. It’s simple really, there’s nothing magical or complicated about it.

You either pay the price and get what you want, or you don’t pay the price and NEVER get what you want.

It all comes down to whether you’re prepared to pay the price.

Does losing this weight, improving your health and fitness, and getting a better looking body, mean enough to you that you’ll make the necessary changes to get them?

Do they mean enough to you that you’ll keep going and not quit even if the going gets tough?

If they do mean enough and you’re prepared to pay the price then you’re well on your way. You are paying the price that’s needed to get the things that matter most to you in life.

There’s no doubt you can do this. Just pay the price and keep paying the price and whatever you want will be yours.


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