Would You Like a Slow Fix?

"What on earth is a slow fix?" I hear you ask.

Well it’s the complete opposite of a "quick fix". It means that you look at losing your weight and then maintaining your weight as a longer term plan, rather than looking for the quick and short term solution.

So what if I asked you, "Do you want a slow fix or a quick fix?" what would you say…

A quick fix?

Well that’s what I would say and most people would say exactly the same. It makes sense that we all want to get results as fast as possible.

However when losing weight it’s far better to go for the slow fix and take a longer term view because it gives you a much, MUCH greater chance of being successful.

To explain why let’s take a look at when happens when people choose a quick fix or a slow fix…

Quick fix

People who always look for the quick fix tend to be short sighted in what they’re trying to achieve. They look for the super fast ways to reach their goals and are more concerned about the results they get this week or next week, rather than getting results that last for life.

With their weight problems they ignore the fact that it’s taken months or years for them to get to where they are now, and instead look for the instant solution that will take away all their troubles.

Because of this they’re always looking for the short cuts. They look for the quickest and easiest way out rather than committing the time and effort that’s needed to get worthwhile results.

Somehow they feel like they can cheat their way to the weight, health, fitness, and body they want.

The truth though is that there is NO quick fix. The person looking for and trying all the quick fixes is chasing the dream.

That’s why so many people look for things like miracle pills or magic potions that will melt away all their fat without any effort from them. They want to take the pill and wake up the next morning with their dream weight and body.

They frequently try new things and are willing to buy anything on a whim because "Just what if it works". They don’t even research these things and risk damaging themselves rather than gaining anything.

The saddest thing is that they waste months and years of their life, while also causing themselves a LOT of unnecessary frustration and stress.

Slow fix

This is the complete opposite to a quick fix.

A slow fix can feel frustrating in the early stages because you have to accept that it will take time and effort to get the results you want, no matter how desperate you are to get them quicker.

Having said this, slow fixes are much less frustrating than quick fixes because you actually get results and you make continued progress towards your goals.

With quick fixes you end up wasting months and years of your life going around in circles and then ending up back at square one. How frustrating is that?

People who go for the slow fix appreciate that they need to put in the time and effort to get results and they make a commitment to do it. That’s the commitment to growth and self-improvement rather than looking for the next way to cheat.

They know that this is the ONLY way to reach their desired weight and get the health, fitness, and body they want…

And they know that it’s the ONLY way that they’ll get results that last a lifetime.

So which do you choose, a quick fix or a slow fix?

The truth is that if you want to reach your desired weight and improve your health, fitness, and body, then it does take time, it does take effort.

If you haven’t accepted this yet then you need to accept it NOW and commit to doing things that actually get results, rather than chasing the dream of the quick fix.

Although losing weight and keeping it off is a slow fix rather than a quick fix, the terms "quick fix" and "slow fix" are quite deceptive.

What am I talking about?

Well a slow fix will actually help you reach your goals much faster than any amount of quick fixes will. The reason is that they actually work.

So rather than trying lots of different quick fixes that don’t work and just waste your time and cause lots of frustration, simply choose a slow fix and get on the path to achieving worthwhile results.

What about you?

Have you been chasing quick fixes or have you done this in the past? What did you gain or lose from doing this?

Add your comments below and help other people by sharing your experiences.


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4 Responses to Would You Like a Slow Fix?

  1. Tina Jackson says:

    It makes a lot of sense the slow fix, but I run 3 days a week for an hour,and I’m still 10 stone ! But I do feel great and I’m determined to go further, thank you James for all your advice I’m definitely going for the slow fix, kind regards Tina .

  2. Julie says:

    I accepted a long time ago that my weight loss would be over a longer period of time, but since adding running into my regime the weight in now coming off slow but sure I have lost 5LBs over a few weeks since running and watching what I eat.

  3. michelle says:

    yes just reading your email im taking phentamine it wakes me up a little but all i get realy is ireatable dont eat all day then when its worn off i just binge at night for not eating all day i lost weight first week but id been gym the week after i gained weight but id not been to gym and believe me i dont know why im wasteing my money you do go bigger than what you were i stupid i think its the energy i like if anyone knows any energy tablets let me know herbal