Why You Should NOT Do The Same Runs Every Week

A lot of people make the mistake of running the same routes, over the same distances, at the same speeds, and on the same surfaces.

In this video you’ll learn why you should NOT do the same runs every week and what you should be doing instead. This will help you get fitter and improve your running ability quicker, plus you’ll enjoy your running a lot more.

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5 Responses to Why You Should NOT Do The Same Runs Every Week

  1. Paul Ward says:

    Hi James,
    Yes I totally agree with the training methods. Short distances for speed and longer distances for endurance.
    I’m a bit stuck at the moment though. I have two main routes (as I live in the centre of a small town) – Both routes start with a steep half-mile incline. So no getting out of that one I’m afraid.
    Also I seem to be stuck on 8 miles (I want to be able to run a half marathon comfortably). No mater what route I take I seem to hit really tough hills and by the end of the run, even small inclines seem tough.
    It may be me wanting to run the distances too soon, but I seemed to jump from my starting distance of 2 miles up to 8 miles in no time at all.
    Should I do a few shorter runs – say 2 to 5 miles runs?

    Many thanks


    • James says:

      It sounds like you’ve been doing well with your running so far Paul. You’ve picked it back up and got up to 8 miles quickly.

      Yes I would include some shorter and faster runs over 2-5 miles. An advantage of running quicker is that it teaches your body to run faster rather than running at the same speed all the time. Plus it helps to improve your running style quicker which makes you run faster across all distances.

    • Doll Rosati says:

      Hi James.

      I like reading your column, everything you say makes sense, lots of people think just running will make them loose weight. Not so! They have to have a plan and follow it. I am a marathon runner and know that diet also is important to maintain and run stronger and faster.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks James for your insight into running it has helped me see what I am doing incorrectly over the past two years’. I have been running nearly six days a week and have really been fed up with results and have been discourged this week inparticular with level of energy and weight loss. So tomorrow I will give your running tips’ a go and try a shorter run but faster speed and alternate with the distance’s

    Thanks again

  3. Fiona says:

    Thanks James, I did another 5 miles last night “off road”. I would prefer a bit of tarmac but as tough as it was, I am finding that this is a good method of getting stronger and improving on my times. I don’t think I showed myself up too much, the “gazelles” ran on and I plodded behind with a couple of kind hearted members of my running club who didn’t mind helping the straggler.lol