How Important is Your Health and Fitness?

Did you know that even if you’re overweight by a small amount, it has a significant effect on your physical and mental health and fitness?

Quite simply your physical and mental health and fitness are much lower than what they could be.

Most people don’t realise this because they’ve never experienced being really fit and healthy and therefore can’t appreciate what a difference this would make to their life.

That’s why a lot of people say they want to be healthier, they say they want to be fitter, but they don’t really want it enough.

Like the person who joins the gym for a month only to realise that they can’t be bothered to go anymore to improve their health and fitness.

Or the person that starts running and then gives up because it feels too much like hard work.

So the question is this…

How important is YOUR health and fitness?

Does it mean enough to you that you’ll put in the time and effort to get results?

Does it mean enough to you that you’ll keep going and push past any difficulties you may encounter?

For most people the answer is "No". They only pay lip service when they talk about their health and fitness and don’t really want it enough to get worthwhile results.

The time when most people value their health and fitness is when something goes badly wrong. Or when something gives them a big shock and they realise how unfit or how big they’ve become.

Up until this point they take their health and fitness for granted. Instead they focus on other, much less important, areas of their life like watching television, reading a book, or their next holiday.

So just how important is health and fitness?

Your physical and mental health and fitness is your life

They determine everything you get out of life and should be treated with great importance and have a VERY high priority.

If you have good health and fitness then you have more energy, you can do more things in your life, you feel more confident, and overall you feel much more alive.

With poor health and fitness people tend to feel tired all the time and would rather go to bed than get more things done or have some fun.

If you have good health and fitness you feel happier so you have better relationships with your family and friends. Plus you attract more positive people into your life.

With poor health and fitness it’s harder to make the effort and it’s harder to keep a positive frame of mind.

Are you starting to see to huge difference here in the quality of life between a person with poor health and fitness and a person with good health and fitness?

Your physical and mental health and fitness also affects other people

What most people don’t realise is that their health and fitness has a significant effect on ALL the other people in their life.

With poor health and fitness it can feel like a big effort to engage with people, to do anything, or go anywhere. You just don’t feel like doing much and don’t have the energy anyway. So not only do you miss out but your family and friends do as well.

Another thing that happens is that other people in your life watch what you do and tend to copy. So a person that is overweight and has poor health and fitness sends out the message to their family and friends that this is normal and acceptable.

That’s why so many children follow in their parents footsteps whether it’s being overweight, smoking, or drinking too much alcohol. What you do and the example you set has a big effect on what your children turn out like.

So your physical and mental health and fitness not only affects you but also everyone else in your life.

If you treat yourself badly or don’t look after yourself, then indirectly you’re also doing the same to the people that you love.

Now let’s move forward

With this blog post I wanted to provide you with more motivation and help you realise just how important YOUR physical and mental health and fitness really is.

Whether you have poor health and fitness or great health and fitness, it’s likely that you can still improve, and therefore what you do from this point forward is very important.

Keep improving your health and fitness and you’ll keep improving your quality of life. Plus you’ll help other people in your life do the same.

If you’re struggling to get motivated to improve your health and fitness for yourself, then think about the people you love and do it for them.

What about you?

After everything I’ve said here, I have a few questions for you to think about…

Is your health and fitness just a sideshow that you get around to when you have a bit of spare time?

Or is it something that you commit time and effort to because you know what a difference it makes to your life?

What changes are you going to make to get more out of your health and fitness?

Feel free to add your comments below or share your experiences.


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7 Responses to How Important is Your Health and Fitness?

  1. angela nield says:

    Although i have been a smoker for 30yrs, i used to run regular,in the last 7yrs iv realy struggled with weight ,and the energy to run & train, so i decided 4weeks ago to quit the terrible weed, and now i feel worse, i dont seem to have the energy no matter what i try,im watching my food and even though im going to the gym my motivation is shot,i turned 50 last week and feel 80

    • James says:

      You’ve made a big and positive change with stopping smoking Angela. I expect that would be very hard to do after 30 years so you’ve done very well.

      It will take time for your health and fitness to recover but without smoking and with running you can go a long way. You might be 50 and feel like 80 at the minute but if you keep going you may get to 55 and feel like 40 again. So keep it up!

  2. Nicoleta says:

    I see the huge difference now that I make my fitness and health a priority. When exercising was a side show in my life I was getting mediocre results. I look forward to the day I am not overweight. Before I bought your program I doubted I could ever be fit. Now it is only a matter of being patient. I lost 40 pounds and only have 20 to go. I think a lot of overweight people have times when they display unbelievable will power for a long period of time. I remember weeks on end eating 1000 calories or less, I remember starving myself, taking all kinds of diet pills, following ridiculous diets of eating only cabbage 2 weeks, or eating only proteins “as much as you want”, or following some program that at the end of the day you barely consumed 500 calories. It is unfortunate that at those times when the will power is so strong I did not have the correct guidance and tools to help me succeed. This time I was lucky, but it took me 23 years to find the correct method….

    • James says:

      Thank you for your comments and sharing your experiences Nicoleta. A lot of people have the same problems that you had and they can try as hard as they like but if they are following methods that don’t work then they’ll never get the results they want.

      I’m glad to have helped you and it’s good to hear that you’re still losing weight and doing well. You are making great progress towards your weight loss goal.

  3. Shelina Islam says:

    Thank you very much for your help !! Its great !

  4. Nikki Thomas says:

    I started running by reading your book and following your program I now run 30 minutes straight! How do I fight boredom>

    • James says:

      Well done with your running so far Nikki.

      The best way to fight boredom is with variety. When people get bored with running it’s usually lack of variety that’s the problem.

      So you can run for different lengths in terms of time or distance, run different routes, run on different surfaces, run at different speeds, and run at different difficulty levels.

      So rather than having maybe 4 similar runs during the week you can have quite a lot of variety in there to keep it interesting.