Are These Habits Holding Back Your Running and Weight Loss?

In today’s video I talk about two VERY common habits that can hold back your running and weight loss. Many people struggle with these habits and are never able to do anything about them.

You’ll also learn about Porter’s Domino Theory which I use to explain these habits, help you understand why these habits occur, and how you can overcome them.

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5 Responses to Are These Habits Holding Back Your Running and Weight Loss?

  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi James,
    This is really funny, I tried to explain to my boyfriend why I can’t have just one slice of cake or one biscuit when I’m on a diet. I tried to lose some weight before going on holiday and the most effective for me, besides running of course, is if I have less sugar. So I decided not to eat any sweets for a few weeks and I was struggling. He said ‘Have just one slice’ and I said that wouldn’t work as then the whole day was ruined. I understand that 1 slice is not the end of the world, but it’s so hard to stop. I find it much easier to cut it out completely, even though I’m aware that I cannot keep to it forever (to be honest I don’t even want to as I love cakes). So I’m sure I’m not alone with this, but I still find myself too weak to stop after one biscuit.

    • James says:

      It’s a bit like quitting smoking Cecilia. You can try to cut back and it may feel like a struggle at times but you’ve got to stick at it. You know that if you just have one then it’s easy to just go back right to the start again.

    • dana says:

      Cecilia, I had to laugh at your reply!
      I know to well the fight with “addiction” to sweets. Although chocolate cake is not my weekness, I did have a serious adiction to ice cream.
      James knows so well, it took me a few months to relinquish my bowl of ice cream EVERY DAY!
      I am well over it now, I hardly eat it now, and I don’t even crave it anymore.
      My “dessert” is one or two squares of dark chocolate after dinner, it makes me happy, and I don’t feel guilty.
      So, let your husband “eat your cake”!
      Good luck!

  2. Nicoleta says:

    I’ve always been worried about how will I handle missing a few runs. In my life I have had long periods of time when I work out consistently followed by years that I do not. It has happened in the past and realistically I have to consider that it will happen in the future. This has been a nagging thought at the back of my brain for a while now. So the strategy is not to let all the dominoes fall just because one fell.
    As far as the diet, I am super happy with this new strategy from your program. If I am counting calories I can incorporate a piece of cake, chocholate, biscuit, and really any item that is around the house and I crave. The fact that I am counting calories does not let me have 5 pieces of cake. Cool with me since one does the job anyway.

    • James says:

      The further you progress Nicoleta the easier it gets to keep going with your healthier lifestyle. Firstly you build stronger habits, but also you earn this good health and fitness and you don’t want to lose it and go backwards.

      I’m glad that you’re doing well with your eating and finding it easy to stick to. Like you say, you can still have all the foods that you like but it’s about not having them too often, and making sure that when you do have them that you don’t overeat or feel like you’ve ruined your diet.