How to Get More Energy for Running

In today’s video I talk about how to get more energy for running which will help you get more out of your running and improve your fitness and running ability quicker.

An important part of running is fuelling your runs properly and always having plenty of energy for your runs. You get to run more often, perform a higher quality run, burn more calories, and become a better runner quicker.

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7 Responses to How to Get More Energy for Running

  1. Sarah Swarbrick says:

    Really helpful cheers. Can’t use the I’m tired excuse anymore now I know how to properly fuel up.


  2. Liza says:

    Hi James,
    found your last video very interesting on How To Get More Energy For Running. My question is if you run first thing in the morning are you better off having breakfast 1st and running straight afterwards ( time factors in this eg work ) or would you be better off running and having breakfast afterwards
    thanks Liza

    • James says:

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my video Liza.

      If you can you’re better off having breakfast first and then running. You will be better fuelled for your runs which means higher quality runs, which then means quicker improvements to your fitness and running ability and more calories being burned.

      However, if you can only run before breakfast don’t worry about it. Getting out there running and doing it consistently is the main thing.

  3. Alison oconnor says:

    Thanks James for that tip I too run first thing usually about 7 so I’m going to try and have a banana first but could probably only manage it about half an hour befor I ran do you think that would be ok because I felt so tired this morning it deffenitly wasn’t a quality run !!

    • James says:

      You’ll probably find that a banana half an hour before you run will help Alison. You’ll have to try it out and see what difference it makes.

      Some people can eat close to their run and be alright. Others need to leave a bit more time between eating and their run.

  4. Ronnie Sage says:

    As always James great info, Ran my first race sat. 8k did it in 1hr 10 min. not as good as I would of liked but did it. What are some foods that will help me get ready for the next race, A 10k on July 4th, Thanks again for all the great info.

    • James says:

      Well done with your first race Ronnie. It’s a good start and it gives you something to build on with your next races. The experience will only help you get better.

      You don’t really need to do anything special with your diet in the build up to your next race. Good, consistent running is the main thing.

      Having said that, in the few days before the race it will help to have some easier runs so that you are fully recovered, as well as eating some more carbohydrates to make sure your energy levels are high. Things like rice, pasta, and jacket potatoes are all good.

      All the best with your race on 4th July.