Does Running Get Any Easier?

Whether you’re completely new to running, or you’ve been running for many months or even years, there’s one question that crosses the mind of virtually every runner…

"Will running EVER get any easier?"

Here’s the good news and bad news

The good news is that running does get easier in the sense that your fitness improves and you gain the ability to run further or faster.

So at one time you may have been doing a 5 minute run which felt like you were trying to climb Mount Everest…

Then sometime later, after improving your fitness with running, the exact same 5 minute run doesn’t even get you out of breath.

The not so good news is that your running should NOT get any easier.

That’s because your aim with running, if you want to get maximum weight loss, health and fitness, and body shape results, should ALWAYS be to keep improving.

The more you improve your fitness and running ability the easier it becomes to lose weight and experience all the other physical and mental health benefits of running…

And the only way to keep improving your running ability is to keep pushing yourself.

If you get to the stage where you can run comfortably and all your runs feel like a breeze, then your running and weight loss results will be nowhere near as good as what they could be.

So the answer to the question "Will running ever get any easier?" is NO…

That’s if you want to get the best out of your running and weight loss efforts and make the most of the time that you put into running.

I can remember when I first started running and felt like I was about to cough up my lungs because I was breathing that hard. But guess what?

14 years later, when I’m doing my hard runs, I still feel the same as way back then. I’m just running with a much higher level of fitness and running ability.

Embrace the challenge of running

The best thing to do with running is to see it as a challenge and keep pushing yourself. Every time you see your weight drop, and your fitness and speed increase you are winning the challenge.

Rather than fearing or feeling apprehensive about a tough run, or the difficulty of running, try to embrace the difficulty of running and give it your best shot.

When running feels difficult and like a real challenge, these are the runs that will get you the best results.

You get the biggest benefits in all areas whether it’s improved running ability, more weight loss, improved health and fitness, a better looking body, more self-confidence, more satisfaction and sense of achievement, or any other area.

So overall, try not to be concerned that running feels difficult. Everybody who aims to get the best out of their running has tough runs, no matter what their level of fitness or running ability.

When you are willing to push yourself, and you actually enjoy and look forward to the challenge, that’s when you are well on the path to running and weight loss success.

What about you runners out there?

Have you found that running has got easier?

Or does it feel like the same difficulty, but you’ve just got a higher level of fitness and running ability?

Feel free to add your comments below and share your experiences.


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9 Responses to Does Running Get Any Easier?

  1. Phil says:

    Nice article James. In some ways running has got easier. It no longer feels as difficult to breath whilst running and the more severe aches and pains resulting from running have reduced although the physical effort is still hard. But as stated in your article, my times over the same distances have decreased which indicates to me that I am getting fitter and faster. Also, my weight has reduced but there is still a long way to go.

    If I had any advice to a new runner, apart from getting some good trainers, I would suggest purchasing a watch that has at least two interval timers and a stop watch. My watch has helped me to pace myself, monitor my progress and to focus on running and not the time when doing intervals because the watch beeps at me to tell me when to run and when to walk.

    • James says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Phil.

      It’s good that you’re still finding the physical effort of running hard. That shows that you’re still pushing yourself which gives you the best chance to keep improving. Keep up the good running and weight loss.

  2. Nicoleta says:

    I agree with Phil in some ways running did get easier. When I started running I had many unhealthy habits, like running on an empty stomach, having runs that were monotone, all the same time interval and same intensity, smoking, not eating enough calories, etc. As I learned more from this program things got easier. I still feel challenged in my run but it does not feel like I’m dying anymore =)

    • James says:

      With all those improvements you put in place Nicoleta it’s not surprising that you’ve improved your running a lot and lost plenty of weight.

      Not feeling like you are dying anymore is also good 🙂

  3. Amanda dounis says:

    For me running got easier
    Why? My mental state changed from negative to positive over the years
    So with a new positive attitude it makes running easier
    I enjoy my own time whilst running. It’s the only time I truly claim as mine.
    My body just became a robot – and I “just” run.
    I dont think about what time I started or how long I’ve got left. I just enjoy the moment and just run.
    So in summary this is the power of the mind. Although the power of the mind was against me 5 years ago when I first started running
    Hope u all run with a good head as I do

  4. Fiona says:

    Thanks James for more great advice. Just what I needed. Went out this morning at 6am with my neighbour and I was useless walking for at least 1 mile of our 4 mile run. My own fault, rising late and woofing a bowl of weetabix down 5 mins before I left. Busy week at work and a poorly child has not helped. Three weeks ago I managed 7 miles without stopping but got it right that morning. I didnt realise that there was so much to running and how much it is taking for me to learn how to balance everything out. I am determined to keep going and not give up – believe it or not I really do love been out there.:)))

  5. shane forwood says:

    hi james,my short runs are getting easier but my longer runs still take some doing! is it better to concentrate on doing your runs faster or to extend the run?cheers ,shane

    • James says:

      It depends on your current fitness Shane and also what you are trying to achieve.

      For beginner runners it’s better to build up a good fitness base first before adding speed. Generally, after that a mix of shorter and faster, and longer and slower runs is useful.

      If you are aiming for a long distance race then your training should be biased towards longer and slower runs. If you want to get the best weight loss results then it’s more important to include shorter and faster runs.

  6. Michelle says:

    H James,
    I really enjoyed reading your article. I am new to running, and not very good, but i am determined to stick at it and be able to run a good distance. I have only been running for 1 month now, 3 times a week. When i first started a could only run a lamp post, walk a lamp post but then sometimes i feel like my ability to run has gone back on itself and that i am not progressing. I get a pain in my throat, and feel really heavy footed. Can you offer any advice to help me progress and become as good as forest gump!!!