Is it Good or Bad to Eat After 8pm?

In today’s video I talk about whether it’s good or bad to eat after 8pm and whether the time of your last meal in the day is important.

Find out why some people say that it’s bad to eat after 8pm and whether it really makes any difference at all. You’ll also learn why it can even be good to eat after 8pm.

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3 Responses to Is it Good or Bad to Eat After 8pm?

  1. dana says:

    I agree with you, James.
    As long as you keep the same number of calories, you can spread them any way you like. Having said that, in my own experience , if I eat late it would be a light meal. Overeating late at night could interfere with your sleep…especially after a certain age..if you know what I mean!
    Thanks, and happy running everyone!

  2. MaRia Binks says:

    Im the opposite to you James, I like to fill up in the morning rather than sleep on my food. Fueling up for the day gives me the energy to keep going all day long. At night I like to go to bed and give my body a rest not have it digesting when I should be relaxing and giving it rest. But you are right, as long as you eat the same amount of calories it doesnt matter when you eat. Everyone is different so you should eat when it suits you best.

    A car cant go on a long journey with an empty tank on a morning!

    Regards MaRia

    • James says:

      You are right there Maria. It’s very important to have a good breakfast to give you energy after maybe 8 hours or more without fuel. Plus it also helps with the weight loss. Most people who skip breakfast actually consume more calories over the whole day.

      I eat first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed, and quite a few times in-between :)