5 Tips for Consistent Running and Keeping Motivated

One of the main problems that people have with their running is being able to run consistently and keeping motivated to do this.

It’s often a lot easier to miss your run while at the same time promising yourself that you’ll run the day after or that you’re not going to miss your next run…

But the problem with this is that it sets your running back and makes it even harder to get the things that you want like improving your health and fitness, developing a better looking body, and losing weight.

That’s why it’s so important to keep running consistently, keep motivated, and keep building on your fitness and running ability.

Here are 5 tips that will help you do this…

1. Prepare your running clothes beforehand

A lot of people plan to run in the morning, but when the time comes and you’re feeling tired it’s easy to put off your run and say that you’ll run later in the day or the day after.

Other people plan to run straight after work but again you may feel tired or just want to relax and very often the run gets cancelled and put off until another day.

A good thing to do in these situations is to prepare your running clothes beforehand. So if you run in the morning then you get all your clothes ready the night before. If you run straight after work then you get all your clothes ready that morning or the night before.

When it’s time to do your run you now feel much more obliged to do it, rather than it just being something that you may or may not do. This helps to push you to get out there and do your run.

You’ll also not want to experience the feeling of missing your run and putting your clothes back away. This would just confirm that you were going to run but instead you’ve wasted another day when you could have been running and making more progress.

2. Have a plan

A lot of people only start thinking about what their next run will be just before they’re about to set off and do it. They haven’t committed to doing a specific run which then makes it a lot easier to skip the run.

So it’s important to plan your runs at least a day before so that you know exactly what you’ll be doing.

When you know what your next run will be it prepares your mind ready for your run and makes it more concrete that it’s something you’ll actually do.

It helps you become more focussed and makes you feel more committed to actually doing the run. Plus, when you really enjoy your running it also gives you something to look forward to.

3. Set the exact time of day you will run

A reason that a lot of people miss their runs is that they haven’t been specific about when exactly they will run. So they may just say "I’m going to run today" and they leave it at that.

The problem here is that other things in your life can end up taking priority, or you leave your run until too late and then you don’t feel like running.

The best thing to do is to be specific about when you will run and schedule it into your day just like you would with any other appointment. So you could say "Today I’m running at 6pm" and then you make sure that nothing interferes with this.

Also remember that running will make a massive difference to your physical and mental health and make a great difference to your life overall. So it’s important to make time to run and schedule a specific time during the day that you WILL run.

4. Remind yourself how you feel after doing your run

When it comes to the time of doing your run you may find it tempting to miss your run or put it off until later in the day which again usually means missing your run.

But how do you feel when you miss your run? Do you think "Yes, I’ve missed my run, I feel great"?

The likelihood is that you miss your run and then you regret it. It’s another day wasted where you could have been making improvements to your health and fitness, improving your body, or losing more weight.

On the other hand, when you run, you come back feeling glad that you did it. You feel more alive and you have the satisfaction from knowing that you’ve just taken another step towards getting what you want out of running.

So the next time you think about missing your run remember that it will only fill you with regret, whereas when you run you’ll feel so much better for doing it.

5. Remember what you’re trying to achieve

A lot of people run inconsistently and miss too many runs because they don’t remind themselves enough about what they want to get out of running.

This makes it easy to miss a run because it may not seem that important and so you think "Well, I can just run another day".

However, all this is doing is making everything that you want from running take much longer to achieve. Things like improving your health and fitness, getting a better looking body, and losing your weight.

Every time you miss your run it’s another day wasted where you could have been making great progress towards what you want. It also means another day in your life where you may be unhappy about your weight, health, fitness, and body.

So it’s very important to keep remembering what you’re trying to achieve and this will help you to keep running much more consistently…

And because of this you’ll get all the positive benefits from running that will make a great difference to your life much sooner, rather than wasting away the days, weeks, months, or years.

Run consistently and keep motivated

By following these 5 tips you’re going to run much more consistently and have greater motivation to keep running.

This will help you to keep building on your previous fitness and running ability and just keep getting better and better…

And because of this you’re going to get so much more out of running like improving your health and fitness, getting a better looking body, and losing weight. Things that will have such a positive impact on your life.

So keep up the running, keep up the consistent running, and keep your motivation high.


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5 Responses to 5 Tips for Consistent Running and Keeping Motivated

  1. Nicoleta says:

    Starting a running routine is like quitting smoking. At the beginning there is a lot of temptation from the old lifestyle but with every temptation denied the old lifestyle gets less and less power and eventually withers away. The new lifestyle of health and fitness gives the most wonderful byproduct: a healthy body. I have come to understand that even now after 1 year of not breaking my routine I still can occasionally get a slumpy day. I try to take it in stride and tell myself I will just run slower today, although after I start running I find I give it a pretty good effort.
    It is also good to have a weekly routine so every run does not seem an independent entity.

    • James says:

      Yes, starting running is similar to quitting smoking Nicoleta. You have to break the bad old habits and form new ones and that takes time. But like you say the further you go the easier it gets and the more you can resist those temptations.

      Everyone has those days where they struggle to get running or do as well as normal, but the important thing is to get straight back on the path, rather than turning a bad day into a bad week, month, or even longer.

  2. Chris Mercier says:

    James: I benefit so much from your running tips. I’ve built myself up to running about 3 miles every other day, and on days when I just can’t (which is VERY rare), I really miss it. It’s a top priority in my daily schedule, and not much can interfere with it…..I’ve grown to enjoy it that much. The idea of making it and yourself a priority is paramount. I live in a very hot/humid climate so I run early mornings. I find that I pant a lot..I know that you should be able to have a conversation when you run, so I try slowing down, but I really do pant a lot. Is there a good way to control the breathing? I’m not gasping for air, but when I turn my ipod down, I can hear how hard I’m panting. Is this normal? I’m not sure I COULD conduct a conversation if anyone ran with me! I run quite slowly, so I’m not sure if it’s a medical problem, or just something I can remedy myself.
    Thanks for your input.

    • James says:

      I’m glad that you’re finding my tips useful Chris. Also well done with your running so far, it sounds like you’ve been doing well.

      With running it’s normal to be breathing quite hard because it can be a real challenge for your body. However, the difficulty of your breathing all depends on what you’re aiming to achieve with your run.

      You should only be able to hold a conversation if you’re doing an easy run, but if you’re doing a tough run it should be difficult to talk at all.

  3. Dana R says:

    I live in a very very very hot area! I do not run outside at all the air is humid and hot and yeah I pant so I run indoors. I can not run in the morning because of work. I would say try running when the sun is going down it may help you. I can’t do that because it may still be over 100 outside. I can’t talk when I run outside in the heat but can when I am indoors.