Which is the Best Running Plan to Lose Weight?

In this blog post I’m going to give you some tips about how to structure an effective training plan that will help you get better running and weight loss results.

To help do this, let’s look at an example…

Which out of these two training plans will help you lose the most weight?

Running 2 times per week for 5 miles


Running 5 times per week for 2 miles

These training plans are similar in that they both involve 10 miles running each week. That’s why most people would expect them to have the same effect on your fitness and running ability and how much weight you lose.

However, here’s why running 5 times per week for 2 miles is the better option to choose…

1. You get more spikes to your metabolism

Each time you go for a run you get a boost to your metabolism both during the run and for several hours afterwards.

By running 5 times per week, rather than 2 times, you have a higher metabolism overall which means more calories being burned and more weight loss.

2. You burn more calories after each run

Because you’re able to run faster over the shorter 2 mile runs, you can push your body and muscles harder.

This means that after each run you will burn more calories than the 5 mile run because your body has to use more energy in order to recover. So you find it easier to lose weight.

3. You get quicker improvements in your fitness

You can also push yourself harder with the 2 mile runs because your body recovers quicker from a hard 2 mile run than it does from a hard 5 mile run.

Therefore, rather than doing 10 miles of slow running each week, you could be doing 10 miles of quicker and harder running. This helps to increase your fitness and running ability quicker because you’re training at a higher quality level. This also allows you to lose more weight.

4. You get quicker improvements in your running ability

By doing the 2 mile runs and being able to run at a faster speed it means that your body gets used to quicker running and you become a faster runner. Running quicker also means that you make greater improvements to your running style.

Therefore, you become a better runner that can run further or faster in all of your runs. So you’re able to burn more calories and find it easier to lose weight.

Your training plan is very important

What this example has shown is that how you structure your training plan affects all this…

  • How quickly your fitness and running ability improves
  • How many calories you burn during and after your run
  • How easy or hard you find it to lose weight
  • How much weight you lose

That’s why it’s very important that you don’t just look at the type of running that you do, but you also look at how you put it all together as part of a training plan.

Although there are a large number of ways to structure a training plan, some ways are much more effective than others in terms of how much running improvement you’ll see and how much weight loss you’ll experience.

By using these tips you can look at improving your current training plan which will help you have more success with both your running and weight loss.


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