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Why it’s Good That Running and Weight Loss Takes Time and Effort

In today’s video I’m going to explain a very important concept that will change the way you approach your running and losing weight. And that is why it’s good that running and weight loss takes time and effort. Most people … Continue reading

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Why Am I so Slow at Running?

When you are running do you ever think… "Why am I so slow?" These 5 little, but powerful, words can be really de-motivating. They show a sense of disappointment and frustration, and a general feeling that "Ok I’m running, but … Continue reading

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My Bad Diet and What You Can Learn From It

Just over a week ago I went away for a few days and basically ate whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. After all, if you’re going on any sort of holiday, whether it’s a few days or … Continue reading

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New Study: Running is Better than Weight Training for Losing Belly Fat

An important part of my business is keeping up to date with the trends and developments relating to both running and weight loss. So today I’d like to explain some interesting findings from the latest research study about using running … Continue reading

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