My Bad Diet and What You Can Learn From It

Just over a week ago I went away for a few days and basically ate whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted.

After all, if you’re going on any sort of holiday, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, the last thing you want to worry about is your diet.

This will probably surprise you but here’s a list of most of what I ate in ONLY 1½ days…

  • 4 Weetabix
  • Fish and chips with curry sauce
  • Cornetto ice cream
  • Half of a 10 inch meat feast pizza
  • Tub of salted popcorn
  • Sprite drink
  • 1 pint of Guinness
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Full English breakfast including eggs, bacon, sausages, hash brown, beans, tomatoes, toast, marmalade, orange juice
  • Jacket potato with cheese
  • Double scoop dairy ice cream

At the end of the 1½ days when I came home we had a little birthday party for my 3 year old niece. From the buffet I had…

  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Sausages
  • Sausage rolls
  • Cheese
  • Salad
  • Slice of birthday cake

Now that’s a LOT of food to fit into the space of only 1½ days, and most of this food would be classed as unhealthy.

Yet despite eating like this every time I go away I’m still at my ideal weight and have a body fat percentage under 10 percent which is great. I don’t have to worry at all about my weight.

On the other hand, many people wanting to lose weight are scared to eat anything unhealthy, and they feel guilty if they do eat anything unhealthy. They go through life worrying about their diet and whether they will put on more weight.

What this means to you

The reason I’ve shared my diet over those 1½ days with you is to help you realise that YOU don’t need anywhere near a perfect diet to lose weight or maintain your weight, and be extremely fit and healthy.

In fact the most enjoyable and sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off is to have a diet that you enjoy while doing plenty of exercise like running.

Yet despite this most people struggle with a restrictive and dull diet that they don’t like and find hard to stick to while still getting poor weight loss results.

Here are some other things you can learn from this…

  • It’s perfectly fine to have the occasional blow out if you eat well the rest of the time – Most of the time I eat healthily which means that when I do go away for a few days I can eat pretty much whatever I want
    There’s no need to feel guilty because a day here and there where I eat unhealthier foods doesn’t affect my weight. Like I say, you don’t need a perfect diet
  • You can eat unhealthier foods that you enjoy and still lose weight – As long as you have a good diet about 90 percent of the time then you can still have the unhealthier foods that you enjoy
    Another thing to note is that most of the foods that I ate over the 1½ days weren’t in huge quantities. So although I ate plenty of unhealthier foods I didn’t use it as an excuse to stuff myself until I couldn’t eat any more
  • The fitter you are the less dependent you are on your diet to lose weight – Because I burn lots of calories through running it means that I can eat more food than most people yet still find it easy to maintain my weight
    That’s why it’s important to improve your fitness and running ability as much as you can, especially if you want to be able to eat plenty of food and still lose weight or maintain your weight

So there you go. That was my bad diet over those 1½ days and what you can learn from it.

So what about you?

What is your diet like? Do you try to eat perfectly all the time?

Or do you allow yourself some of the unhealthier foods that you enjoy? Can you enjoy them without feeling guilty?

Feel free to add your comments below and share your experiences.


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7 Responses to My Bad Diet and What You Can Learn From It

  1. Carol says:

    I am seriously struggling to lose weight. I eat healthily and exercise moderately but would like to start running. any ideas?

    • Karen Humphries says:

      Carol, you have just answered your own question. Start running!!

    • Nicoleta says:

      Start running and you will see so much weight disappear you will be amazed. I lost 40 pounds in 10 months just following James’ program, and it really involved eating all these things James said. You must be patient tho and keep at it. Sometime things dont seem to be moving fast enough but a pound a week really accumulates over time. Some weeks even that pound is not lost and it can be disheartening but patience and persistance is the key.
      I’d say buy his program, it has key information you need to know to do this losing weight proper and efficient. It’s only 30 bucks and it is so worth it!. I tried to do it on my own previously, and lost only 14 pounds in 6 months.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi, I agree, I tried this before. Normally I can eat what I want (with moderation) if I go running 3-4 times a week. Losing weight for me is not very easy as I’ve always been quite active. But if I really try, I normally don’t eat bread and sugary things on weekdays and allow dessert at the weekend. This way, my body knows that it still gets a treat quite often, but just by cutting out the occasional chocolate bars or hot chocolates and the bread that I like having with my soup or salad, makes a big difference. I can lose ca 2 kg in a few weeks and even if I go back eating everything it stays off. So good luck everyone, hope you will find what works for you!:)

  3. Jean says:

    I want to lose weight. I went running a few months back. I went 3 times a week and eat heathly. I was not losing any weight so I blow it BIG TIME. I have put 11lb on in two weeks and need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ray says:

      Eating healthy is very subjective these days. If your eating the USDA way, I recommend watching the documentary Fat Head. It used to be available on Netflix. I was 260 lbs at 5′ 6′. I was an athlete in my younger days (football, hockey, wrestling) and was extremely fit. I caused a lot of damage to my body during that time that led to extensive surgeries later in life. Needless to say, I went from fit to fat from chronic pain, inactivity and poor diet. I, like you, tried to eat “healthy” to lose weight…unsuccesfully. Healthy being whole grain, moderate protein, and low fat. I then discovered the paleo type diet; high protein, moderate fat, and only low glycemic carbs (no starch, w/ only naturaars). The weight melted off! Once I was pa could exercise (cardi strength training); my weight loss was exponetial. I am now at 175

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ve started running about 9 months ago, wasn’t very good at it but got my fitness level up and I’m running 6.5 miles 5-6 times a week. I’m 5ft 4 and did weigh 8 st 12. I’m now 9st 3 and my legs and bum have got bigger!!! I eat healthy but not very much, approx 1300 calories a day, 300 of which was granola to give me energy to run!! Can someone tell me where I’m going wrong?? I wanted to get toned and smaller and loose a little weight but it’s just not happening???