Do You Want to Run a Marathon Or Use Running to Lose Weight?

Many people who want to use running to lose weight don’t consider what type of running methods are available or how they can use them to reach their goals.

They simply start running and say that they’re going to train for a marathon which is why their running mainly consists of long, slow runs.

Firstly let me say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with training for a marathon or any other long distance event. You can enjoy a special occasion, raise money for charity, and show off to people by telling them what you’re doing. Plus you can also lose weight along the way.

However, this sort of training is far from the best way of using running to lose weight. You can train for a marathon but you WON’T be losing weight in the most effective manner.

Surely losing weight and improving your health and body is the main goal, which is why it’s surprising how many people put it second behind running a marathon.

Partly it’s because most people don’t know what other running methods can be used to lose weight and don’t know how to use them effectively. Partly it’s because people tend to have a herd mentality and blindly follow what other people are doing without any question.

What YOU need to do is decide which is the most important.

Do you want to run a marathon or use running to lose weight?

You can train specifically for a marathon which means that you’ll be able to run the quickest time that you can over that distance, and you can still lose weight.

Or you can use running specifically to lose weight which means that you’ll do shorter and faster running compared to marathon training.

The difference now is that you’ll be using running to lose weight in the most effective manner and working towards your main goal which is losing weight…

And because of that you’ll reach your weight loss goals much quicker!

With all this in mind, why train for a marathon if losing weight is your main goal?

Why not use more effective running methods and reach the weight that you want quicker, work towards a more toned and athletic looking body, and therefore become happier sooner?

There’s really no need to be running with a marathon as your main focus when you can focus your efforts on losing weight, and then consider training for a marathon when you’ve lost the weight. You would probably enjoy it a lot more then as well.

The reality is that different running methods and how you use them have VERY different effects on your body.

That’s why it makes sense to use more effective running methods to help you lose weight, like you are shown in my running programs, rather than targeting less effective long, slow runs.

If losing weight is more important to you than running a marathon then this is what you should be targeting, and the running that you do should reflect this.

The key is to decide what you want MOST from running and then do the right type of running that will help you reach your goals the quickest.


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2 Responses to Do You Want to Run a Marathon Or Use Running to Lose Weight?

  1. manuela says:

    i am the slowest jogger in the world and would like to increase weight loss and become a runner very new to all this and nearly 51 and have about 5 stone to loose any help would be great

  2. Nicoleta says:

    Speaking from my own experience I agree with James. I also did the slow consitent runs for 6 months and lost 14 pounds. I was running every day (no breaks) for 45 min. Then I made the best decission of my life and invested 30 dollars in my health. I bought James’ ebook Jan 30th. I remember it was 10pm when I read his book and went straight to the kitchen and had a copious meal. From his expert advice I got to run less, get breaks during the week, eat more every day, and I lost 41 pounds since February this year. I think that is a substantial improvment.