Running in Bad Weather – Good or Bad?

A lot of people struggle with the weather and don’t like running in the rain, wind, or when it’s cold.

In today’s video I ask if it’s good or bad to run in bad weather. I talk about the pluses and minuses as well as asking some important questions that will help you to run in any weather conditions.

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8 Responses to Running in Bad Weather – Good or Bad?

  1. MaRia says:

    The hardest part for me is going out into the cold weather. I dont mind the rain, hail or snow (not that we get it here in WA) its just leaving the warmth and hitting that first cold spell going out the door, the first 10mins of the run hits hard but once I start warming up with the run it becomes very invigorating. A light weight rain jacket keeps the wet and wind at bay and the thought of a lovely hot cuppa and hot shower makes you run faster to get home! James is right, its better to keep running through winter and have a better body for the summer to come.
    Keep up the good work James 🙂

  2. Patricia says:

    Love it love it you can not beat running in the rain.The best time for me is the winter months, the show,rain,hail and cold bring it on.Thanks james keep up the good work.

  3. Lee says:

    Keep it going come rain or shine.
    Just did the Elan 10 at the weekend. 10 miles that is.
    10 degrees and cold on the back stretch but had the running tights on so no issue with the elements.
    1hr 27 kept the cold behind me too!

  4. Kelly cup cake says:

    I love the winter months. Feeling that freshness of cold on your face. Wrapping up in my high viz and gloves! My runs are usually better and faster ( probably to stay warm) in the cold. I also like the dark nights where no-one can see me coming, just that flash of viz I go past. Just me and the dark.

  5. Nicoleta says:

    Last year the winter was no problem, I was in LA. This year I am visiting Germany and I am hit with some cold air. They claim this is still pretty warm but I am already doubling up on my pants, socks… I run with a jacket, gloves, and 2 neck warmers (one for my neck one for my face) I sure am glad I did not go to visit Russia =)
    I am not planning to miss any runs although I will have to be very resourceful on how I will deal when the snow comes.

  6. Mal says:

    I usually have a bit of a problem getting out in bad weather but once I am out I love it.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Wendy says:

    I love running in bad weather. Give me rain, wind, cold, I’ll happily do it. As you say James, its a challenge but its always worth it. I usually feel invigorated after and a sense of achievement for going out and doing it. To be honest I prefer the winter as I despise running in the heat. I have to run very early or late in the day in the summer months but if its very hot I’m more likely to skip a run. So bring it all on. I’ll even run in the snow if its not too icy.

    I’m looking foward to your next up date.

  8. Bill says:

    i’m 56 and have been running for a couple of years now, i used to smoke about 30 fags per day, i ran last winter in all of the snow and ice, you should have seen the look on peoples faces when i was running at 8am in the mornings, i can think of loads of excuses of not to run, but i dont do excuses so i’m out there come hail, rain snow, wind, & ice if i can do it so can most other people.

    look forward to your next post,
    by the way merry christmas