Weight Loss Warning – Don’t Let This Happen To YOU

Today I’d like to tell you a story about a young woman. Let’s call her Lucy.

By the way this is a 100 percent true story and the reason I’m telling you about this are two fold…

  1. If you ARE NOT on the right path to weight loss success and are making these types of big mistakes, then I want you to get on the right path and start experiencing more success and an improved life
  1. If you ARE on the right path, then I want you to realise this so that you keep progressing without making these types of poor choices which can easily send you spiralling in the wrong direction

So here we go with the story…

Lucy is a friend of a friend. I’ve met her several times and followed her story over many years.

Like a lot of people Lucy has struggled with her weight over the years. Her weight has gone up and it’s gone down, but most of the time she’s been overweight followed by short periods at a lower weight.

Her main strategy has generally been to starve herself, and as you might expect she lost some weight.

However, by doing this she put her body into starvation mode where it slowed her metabolism and tried to hold onto as much energy as possible. She stopped losing weight and now had a diet that was both de-motivating and unsustainable over the long term.

She was also robbing her body of the nutrients and energy that it needed for her to have a healthy body and live a healthy life.

When she returned to anything like normal eating, her weight ALWAYS came back again, plus a bit more.

My simple message to pass on to Lucy to help her get back on the right track was to try and eat a normal balanced diet and do some exercise.

The problem was that Lucy wanted an easier way. She wanted a way that required the least amount of effort possible and a way that produced magical results.

After years of having periods of starving herself she then decided to take a range of slimming pills. Sometimes she lost a little weight but she always felt terrible and would stop taking them. The weight came straight back on again.

So what has happened to Lucy since?

Well she has a whole host of health problems to contend with which I believe is ALL down to how she’s treated her body. She may have to live with these problems for the rest of her life.

She cannot work and is now registered as disabled, needing to rely on disability payments. She’s also more overweight than ever, suffers from depression, and struggles to walk for any length of time.

In fact, aged only 35 Lucy uses a mobility scooter which are usually used by people in their 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, more than twice her age.

Lucy was only around 30 years old when she first started with serious health problems, and 5 years later things have only got worse for her health. To make things even harder she’s also a single parent with three young children to bring up.

So where’s the happy ending?

I’m sorry but today there isn’t one.

The choices that Lucy made about how to lose weight has cost her very dear. It’s cost her the health she has now, and it’s probably cost her the health she has for the rest of her life.

It’s cost her children a healthy mother who cannot do physical activities with them, who barely has the energy to survive, and who is highly unlikely to live as long as most parents are.

After all these years of trying to take quick fixes to lose weight, Lucy has only gone backwards, and by a long way.

What can you learn from this?

Well apart from not starving yourself or taking slimming pills, there are several other underlying important learning points…

  1. Quick fixes do NOT work – Yes you may have some short term success but you are extremely likely to put all the weight back on, plus some extra. There’s also the damage that can be done to both your body and mind which can badly affect the rest of your life
  1. You can’t get something for nothing – If you are willing to apply effort, patience, and persistence then you’ll get much better and much quicker weight loss results than the person who is looking for a magic solution that requires no effort
  1. Follow a structured plan – Jumping around from solution to solution is a sure way to get nowhere fast. Following proven methods and plans and sticking to them always gets the best weight loss results
  1. Learn from other people – Don’t guess about the best ways to lose weight. After all, this is your health and life we’re talking about. Seek expert help to find the quickest, safest, and most reliable path to success

If you are ready to follow my expert advice then I encourage you to take a look at my running programs and advice. Take advantage of my 15 years knowledge and experience to get the same outstanding running and weight loss results as many others.


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2 Responses to Weight Loss Warning – Don’t Let This Happen To YOU

  1. Iris Celestine says:

    What if I am like Lucy, I exercise but I eat probably once a day and then I try to let it be a salad or some tuna, but I still can’t lose weight, when reading about Lucy it sounds just like me except for the ending in which I hope my story doesn’t end that way.

    • James says:

      It’s good that you do exercise Iris. That’s very important for many reasons, and it’s something that you do which Lucy never has.

      Eating once a day though is very bad. Some of the problems of eating too little are starving yourself of the important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep healthy, lacking in energy throughout the day, and not having enough energy to exercise properly.

      Your body is also likely to be starving and trying to conserve all the energy it can to keep you alive. This means that your metabolism is probably very slow which is why you’re struggling to lose weight.

      It may be difficult to do, but you’ll be much better off with both your health and weight loss by increasing the amount of food that you eat and having at least 3 good meals per day.