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How Long Do You Need to Run to Lose a Pound?

It’s only natural when you’re using running to lose weight to want to know the exact effect that your running has on your weight loss. There’s no doubt it would be useful to be able to say, "I can run … Continue reading

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Why Running Can Change Your Life

Today I’m going to cover an important subject that I’ve talked about before, and that is, how running can benefit and even change your life. I really do believe that it’s good to keep reminding people of the benefits of … Continue reading

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How to Lose Weight From Your Bum, Thighs, or Stomach

Many people would love to lose weight from a certain part of their body, which is often their bum, thighs, or stomach. In today’s video I talk about the problems people have, what they do about it, and why it … Continue reading

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