How to Lose Weight From Your Bum, Thighs, or Stomach

Many people would love to lose weight from a certain part of their body, which is often their bum, thighs, or stomach.

In today’s video I talk about the problems people have, what they do about it, and why it doesn’t work. You’ll also find out what you can do to lose weight and get the better body that you’re looking for.

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6 Responses to How to Lose Weight From Your Bum, Thighs, or Stomach

  1. Sara says:

    Finally some direct answers to questions, fed up of people who answer questions with even more questions. This actually gives good practical advice that I will definitely take on board 😀

  2. Suiter says:

    Very practical. Am relieved I thought I was simply not doing enough of sit-ups. I redirect my energy now. Thanks.

  3. James says:

    Thank you both for the feedback, I’m glad you found the video useful.

    Keep up the good running, but not too many sit-ups 🙂

  4. wesley says:

    Hi I can’t seem to watch the video but am really eager tooo isn’t there another way to see it…thanx alot

  5. Ieva says:

    Thank’s James! It was really helpful! Now I am more motivated to run:)