Have Gratitude and Feel Great About Life

In this video I talk about something that’s had a big effect on my life and that is having gratitude. And I believe that what I tell you about in this video is going to really help you as well.

You might not have the health, fitness, or body that you want. You might not be at the weight you want. But you have a lot more than you realise!

By the way, this video comes from Run Without Limits. If you like this video and feel you would benefit from more motivation and a more positive mindset, find out more here.

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3 Responses to Have Gratitude and Feel Great About Life

  1. MaRia says:

    Fantastic advice but sometimes even when you know your much better off in life than others, it doesn’t help at the time. This is when you need someone like James as a personal trainer or motivator. There is no better pill for depression than exercise even a walk. Add James to that mixture and you will be on the right road to recovery! Just sorry I’m living Australia otherwise I would pay you to be my trainer. You give sound advice and I’ve met a lot of trainers in my time but none I would pay money for.

    Ten out of Ten for James! Anyone out there that needs to change their life around then this guy can help you do it.

    Regards MaRia

    • James says:

      Thank you for the great feedback and kind words MaRia. I appreciate it!

      You are right. Having someone skilled in helping with motivation has a big effect on a person’s results, which then makes a big difference to their life.

      By the way, anyone who’s interested in getting personal help from me should take a look at my running and weight loss coaching.

  2. Nicoleta says:

    MaRia, I couldn’t agree with you more! Well said.

    I agree with the concept of coming into losing weight from a positive standpoint. You can accomplish so much more when there is peace in yourself. When I was greatly overweight my first step was to accept myself the way I was. Love myself and accept myself. From there I was able to see that things can only get better. And thanks to James, the thought became reality.

    One thing I’d like to add… I live in California and had no problem working with James as my personal coach. I think the distance is irrelevant now with computers. I could NEVER find anyone better than James in Los Angeles. I could not find someone even half way acceptable here.

    So, anyone out there who needs a true coach to help him or her get to their desired weight, whether you live in England or on the Moon, GET JAMES!