How to Increase Your Chances of Running and Weight Loss Success

Let’s say that you’re a beginner runner that would like to get more out of your running and weight loss efforts, without struggling or wasting many months and even years of your life.

Well here are 3 tips for beginner runners that help you do just that.

Read on to find out what else you can do in addition to just going out and running that will help you get MUCH better results with both your running and weight loss.

Set some running goals

Having some goals is a great way to move you forward and keep driving you on to keep improving your fitness and running ability. Without any goals you’re simply drifting along without anything to aim for. This can make running, or anything in life, become dull and boring.

Not having any goals means that your running won’t have any purpose and you’ll not feel the need to push yourself and keep trying to improve. The result?

You’re less likely to develop your fitness and running ability and you’re a LOT more likely to quit!

Therefore, set some goals that will motivate you and provide more purpose and meaning to your running. Just make sure your goals are both realistic and have a time frame in order to provide you with the most motivation and drive.

Get family and friends involved

Trying to take on a challenge on your own can often feel quite daunting and lonely because you’re trying to do everything yourself. That’s why it’s good to get other people involved to help you along the way.

In fact studies have shown that you’re more likely to be successful when taking on challenges like running and losing weight when you have support because it helps you keep going and stick to your goals.

With this in mind, try to get your friends and family involved with your running and weight loss efforts. They can help you along the way and support you through the harder times if needed.

You may even find a training partner where you can motivate each other and share the ups and downs of running that you experience. Or you may find someone wanting to lose weight where you can work together to reach your goals.

Learn all about running and weight loss

Developing your knowledge about running and weight loss is a key factor that WILL determine what results you get as beginner runner and what results you get as an experienced runner.

The fact that you are reading this blog post and taking some time to develop your knowledge shows that you are on the right path in this area.

By learning more about running and weight loss, and learning from people like me, a qualified coach with over 15 years running experience, your chances of improving your running ability and reaching your desired weight increase significantly.

That’s because you’ll discover the most effective running methods and strategies available for losing weight and you can avoid the same mistakes that other people make which costs them months and even years of their life, as well as all the frustration and stress that comes along with it.

Therefore, learn as much as you can, but don’t just learn from anybody like your Uncle Max who’s 3 stone overweight, or your next door neighbour who tried running for a week and then quit. It may sound silly but that’s what many people do!

Make sure that you ONLY learn from people who have the expert knowledge and experience that you need. This will help you get the running and weight loss results that you want in the quickest time possible.

Just to summarise…

By following these 3 tips for beginner runners you’ll increase your chances of running and weight loss success. That’s MUCH better than what many people do which is try to get into running, hope for the best, and make it up as they go along.

As well as increasing your chances of running and weight loss success you’ll also have greater motivation, and you’ll find the whole experience more enjoyable.

Keep up the good running!


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