Are You Killing Your Children?

Most people don’t realise just how big an effect what they do has on other people in their life.

So today I want to help you realise how much your weight, and your habits relating to your weight, has a big effect on your children…

And I want this to act as powerful motivation for you to keep moving forwards and keep developing the healthier and fitter life that you want.

How parents affect their children

I have no doubt that you love your children, you would never do anything to hurt them, and that you want the very best for them.

BUT if you are overweight then you are harming your children in a way that is likely to have a significant negative impact on their life.


Because you teach your children how to live their life. You set the example.

Whether you set a great example or a poor example it doesn’t matter. Your children will follow your example.

In their eyes you are their Mum or Dad so whatever you do must be right and it must be acceptable whether it’s good or bad. That’s the reason why so many children copy their parent’s habits and develop a similar lifestyle.

So what happens?

Parents that are overweight and unhealthy are more likely to have children that are overweight and unhealthy.

Parents that don’t exercise and are unfit and are more likely to have children that don’t exercise and are unfit.

Parents that smoke and drink a lot are more likely to have children that smoke and drink a lot when they get older.

So what happens to your children?

With all the problems that you have caused yourself by being overweight, you are also likely to be doing the same damage to your children.

So if you have weight problems, health problems, and image and confidence issues then your children are likely to end up the same way.

If you are have an unhealthy and unfit life, feel like rubbish all the time, and then die early then guess what?

Your children are likely to end up the same way. They are watching what you do and they are modelling their life on you.

Now the good news

When you realise that what you do to yourself you also do to your children, you can use this to give you much more motivation…

Because now you are not only losing weight and improving your life for yourself, you are also doing it for the good of your children. It will have a direct, positive impact on their lives.

If you can turn things around and set a different example, your life will change for the better and also your children’s life will change for the better.

If you don’t turn things around then you are destined for a lower quality of life and an unhappier life, and you are guiding your children to the same fate.

So if you struggle to keep motivated to lose weight, and you hate how badly your weight affects your life, think about whether you want the same for your children.

Do it for yourself YES, but also do it for children!


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One Response to Are You Killing Your Children?

  1. Kenyanna Weatherspoon says:

    VERY powerful lesson! Thanks for sharing.