Losing Weight with Shakes and Tablets – Good or Bad?

With so many weight loss products about it’s hard to know what works, what doesn’t work, and what you should be spending your time, effort, and money on.

So in today’s blog post I’m going to make it easy for you to see the main areas that you should be focusing on, and the areas that you can forget about.

Now over the past month or so, I’ve been approached by two separate billion dollar companies that wanted me to sell their products.

After researching these companies and their products I politely told them both "NO" and "NO".

So why did I turn down these billion dollar companies? Am I crazy? Am I a fool?

The word that I prefer to use is "Conscience"…

I just didn’t believe that what these companies were offering would be much help to you, and I believe that you could end up spending plenty of money for minimal, if any, results.

So let’s look more at these 2 companies and why I turned them down…

Company 1 – Shakes

What this company offers people is a 90 day challenge where the aim is for you to get fitter or lose weight. To do this you have to enter their competition where you can win prizes and holidays.

The only catch is that you have to buy a "kit" which includes a range of things like shakes, metabolism booster tablets, appetite suppressant tablets, and energy supplements. The main part of the kit is to have 2 shakes per day which are used as meal replacements.

The good thing about what this company offers is that some people can find it motivating to be in a competition which can help them get better results.

What’s wrong with this approach?

The main problem is that the challenge is ONLY 90 days and there is no focus on what happens after that. This means that even if someone put in lots of effort, had all the shakes, and lost weight, they are still highly unlikely to keep it off.

All they have learned is how to exercise harder for 90 days and have shakes for 90 days. They haven’t learned anything about improving their diet or how to stick to their exercise plan.

They don’t know how to change their lifestyle so that they can get long term results. So what happens after 90 days?

Most people are highly likely to cut back on their exercise or stop altogether, and also stop taking the shakes. So they will go backwards and quickly gain any weight that they lost. Or they can keep trying to exercise like a maniac and keep buying shakes for the rest of their life.

Who wants to have shakes all their life and barely be allowed to eat any real food? That’s right, not many people! I don’t know about you but I would rather eat food that I enjoy.

Company 2 – Tablets

The product that I got approached about with this company is a new weight loss tablet that they claim will alter certain genes so that you lose weight.

Doesn’t this sound great? Pop a few pills, change your genes, and lose weight without doing anything.

What’s wrong with this approach?

It’s quite simple really…

A person’s genes play a tiny part in how much someone weighs. So a tablet that alters someone’s genes will make little, if any, difference to their results.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight with running and improve their exercise and diet. I’ve found that ANYONE who is overweight can reach their ideal weight, have great health and fitness, and get a great looking body, when they do the right things.

Their genes don’t change. Only their approach to exercise and diet changes!

Now if you were at your physical peak and you needed a fraction of an improvement, that’s where genes could make a difference.

Genes could be the tiny difference between a gold medal winner and the person who finishes in 4th place. However, genes are NOT an important factor in you reaching your desired weight.

The other thing about taking a weight loss tablet is that it has nowhere near the positive effect on your health and fitness that exercise does.

What is important for YOU?

The reason why I turned down these billion dollar companies is because I believe that YOU don’t need what they sell. Their products may sound good and they may look good, but they provide minimal, if any, results.

The reason that shakes and tablets are popular, and the reason why these companies make so much money, is because very often they promise a quick fix without any effort which is what many people want…

It’s much easier to drink a shake or pop a pill than it is to be committed and put time and effort into improving your exercise and diet.

However, the important parts for you to be successful are quality exercise and quality diet. You don’t need anything else!

Anything else is just a distraction that costs you money, wastes your time, and takes you away from the important things that you should be doing to get great results.

It’s far better to focus on improving your exercise and diet which will get you ALL of the results you could ever want, rather than focusing on things like shakes and tablets that may improve your results by a fraction of a percent.

For example, one of my customers called Jane had this experience…

"All these years I have believed weight loss fads. I have spent time and money from everything to Atkins to HCG injections. What a waste… Scam after Scam.

Lots of books. Hypnosis. Colon cleansers. Starving for 4 months to lose weight and it came back so fast in 3 weeks plus more weight.

I feel your approach is easy and I feel it can work for anyone under any circumstances."

While I wouldn’t say that all weight loss products are scams, I would say that they are usually gimmicks and provide minimal, if any, long term results.

Would I say that my approach of losing weight by improving your exercise and diet is easy like Jane says?

Well it’s certainly a LOT easier than wasting your time, effort, and money for years on things that don’t work and then still being stuck at the same weight, or even weighing more, and also feeling terrible about yourself.

The healthy way, and the quickest way to lose weight is through quality exercise and quality diet, and that’s how I help people with my running programs and telephone coaching.

Focus on your exercise and diet, and forget about the rest. Your life will be a lot simpler and as long as you do the right things then you’ll get ALL the results that you want.

What do you think?

  • Do you think that using shakes and tablets is good or bad?
  • What are your experiences with things like these? Successful or unsuccessful?
  • Has improving your exercise and diet worked better or worse for you than taking shakes and tablets?

Please let me know your comments below and help others by sharing your experiences.


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3 Responses to Losing Weight with Shakes and Tablets – Good or Bad?

  1. William Monts de Oca says:

    James you are right, everyone, including this fat old man, are looking to lose weight while sitting on the couch watching the ball game on TV.

    I get hyped up and diligently exercise for a while run on a treadmill and then …. all is forgotten, all I see in results are soreness and increased fat. Easy to take a pill or shake, oh yeah, but you are right, What happens after the free trial or the immediate plan? You get fat again, that is what !!

    I need to lose weight desparately, but have become so dissatisfied with basically life in general that I lose motivation and not weight. I have looked at the miracle solutions pills, shakes etc. but I lost money and no weight.

    I commend you on taking a stand and not joining the endorsement of these products, now if you could supply a motivation pill or shake, I am there !!

    Thanks for being faithful to exercise.

    Bill Monts de Oca

    • James says:

      Thank you for your useful comments and sharing your experiences Bill.

      I know lots of people that can relate with your experiences. Many people struggle with motivation, try what seems like an easier option with pills or shakes, and then lose money but don’t lose weight.

      Good quality and consistent exercise and diet is the way to get the best results, both physically and mentally.

      I hope that you do well with everything Bill. If I can find a way to bottle up some motivation I’ll send it you :). In the meantime stick to the exercise and diet!

  2. Doll Rosati says:

    Dear James. I agree with you. Pills and Shakes only work temporarily. As eating right and exercise are long term success strategies. You feel better, have more confidence and will live a long and healthy life.. Doll.