Are You Too Self Conscious to Run?

One of the main struggles that people have, especially in their early running days, is the feeling of being self conscious about being seen by other people.

Many people don’t even start running in the first place, or they give up easily, or they don’t do as much running as they would like, because of this negative feeling.

The question I want to ask you is: "Are you too self conscious to run?"

Does the fear of being seen by other people outweigh your ambitions of reaching your desired weight and improving your life?

If this is a fear that either prevents you from running, or stops you from running as much as you’d like, then remember this:

You have absolutely NOTHING to fear!

It’s easy to think that people will be looking at you and that you are somehow on "show", but the reality is that the vast majority of people will just see you and carry on with their own lives.

They aren’t really interested in what you’re doing. Most of the people who see you run will have forgotten you even existed shortly afterwards.

The majority of these people think positive thoughts anyway like "keep it going" and "well done for putting the time and effort in". Many also wish they had the motivation to run, just like YOU.

Rather than criticise or ridicule you, most people actually admire what you’re doing. So you should be proud and confident about your running rather than being fearful and weak.

I admit that some people may say things as you run past such as "get your legs up" or "run Forest run". Is this so bad?

Don’t let it bother you, and don’t think that it’s because you’re bigger than the average runner or a slow runner. Everybody who runs hears comments like these no matter what their size or running speed.

Is it worth hearing a few tiny comments occasionally but being able to lose your weight and experience the massive physical and mental health benefits that running provides? You bet it is!

So confront this fear and conquer it. Keep getting out there running and the feelings of being self conscious will fade away.

You’ll soon see that it’s not so bad and that you had nothing to worry about all along.

People aren’t going to stop what they’re doing, drop everything, and laugh.

Your running isn’t going to be a hot topic of conversation throughout the neighbourhood.

People aren’t going to throw tomatoes at you as you run by.

What will happen is that people will carry on with what they’re doing and respect you for what you’re doing. There’s nothing bad about that.

In fact it’s good. Your simple act of running will actually motivate other people and make them think about how they can improve their lives, just like you are doing.

So believe me when I say that YOU have NOTHING to fear.

Don’t let this fear be an obstacle or an excuse that prevents you from reaching your desired weight and making improvements to your life.

The massive physical and mental health benefits that running gives you, and the effect this has in helping you lose weight, is far more important than the unjustified fear of what people think.

So what about YOU?

  • Are you too self conscious to run? If you are, then how long are you going to let this fear hold you back from losing weight and getting the health, fitness, and body you want?
  • What are you going to do to overcome this fear?
  • If you have already overcome this fear, how have you done it?

Please add your comments below. And if you can give some encouragement to help other people overcome their fear of feeling self conscious I’m sure they will appreciate it.


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One Response to Are You Too Self Conscious to Run?

  1. Renee Fordham says:

    This is me. I’m afraid of what people think unfortunately for me. I’m glad to hear it isnt just me that feels like this. I just need to get over it and get out there. You are right when I see someone running . I only have encouraging words thinking I wish I had the guts to do it. Thanks for your encouraging words.