The Physical Challenges That Beginner Runners Face

There’s no doubt that running for beginners isn’t easy, but there’s no reason to throw the towel in before you even start. The massive health, fitness, and body shape benefits that running provides can more than make the effort worthwhile.

Firstly let’s take a look at the physical challenges that beginner runners face and why they can struggle to get into running.

When you’re a beginner you’re just not used to running and may not be used to any exercise at all. It’s not easy to go from nothing or very little exercise to maybe running three times a week and pushing your body out of its comfort zone.

Your body has become unfit and unhealthy due to maybe months or years of neglect, and therefore your whole body is in poor condition.

For example, your muscles and lungs will be inefficient and your body will be poor at transporting oxygen to the muscles which makes running feel harder.

Plus you’ll have weaker muscles, tendons, and ligaments which means that you’re more likely to become injured if you try to push yourself too hard.

In addition to this you’re likely to have a poor running technique which can make running feel more like a struggle and makes it harder to run for any length of time.

Now for the good news!

Yes there are plenty of challenges for beginner runners but remember that it’s only temporary.

If you persist with running then your health and fitness can improve massively. Your body will adapt to the running and you may find that what you once thought impossible soon becomes quite an easy run.

You may even be amazed by how much you can improve your fitness and running ability.

Your whole body can become fitter and more effective. You can transform it from an unhealthy body that hinders all aspects of your life to a body that provides you with a higher quality of life.

You can also develop an overall stronger and more efficient body where you have more energy and don’t get tired as easily. The running that once stopped you in your tracks can become almost effortless.

You’re also less likely to get aches as often and your improved running technique will help you run further and faster than ever before.

Can you make the effort?

While these benefits and improved running ability may seem a long way off just remember that everybody starts somewhere.

Even the world’s best athletes didn’t start out with high fitness levels. They were once a beginner runner just like you with the exact same challenges that you face.

Yes it can take time to get into running and be able to run with ease but it really is worth the effort to get there. You’ll also find that the journey itself is just as important and rewarding as the destination.

If you can’t bring yourself to make a start, or you quit at the first sign of difficulty, then you would have just given up on something that can make a real difference to your life.

You would have basically accepted that you’re stuck with an unhealthy body for the rest of your life and that you can’t do anything about it.

So why not give running a good try?

Running for beginners is nowhere near impossible. Just keep persisting with running and start experiencing the benefits it provides.

You might just feel very proud and happy with yourself that you did, much more so than if you didn’t even give running a proper chance.

To learn more about running for beginners and how to experience the great benefits that running provides, take a look at these running programs which show you exactly how it’s done.

Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a quick fix or losing weight without any effort. To be successful with both your running and weight loss you need to put in time and effort as well as follow the right advice. That way you can lose weight and keep it off, and that’s what I help you do.

I cannot guarantee what results you’ll get because everyone is different and results vary. I just promise that I provide you with the best advice and tips that I possibly can with the aim of helping you lose weight and getting everything you want out of running.

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