Alan Fletcher – From unfit and overweight...
to being the fittest and lightest
I've been for 20 years

Hi my name is Alan, and I've been coached now for about a month by James.

Before I met James and started being coached by him I was really unhappy with my weight, I was unhappy with my level of fitness, and I've tried everything.

I've tried going to the gym, I've tried swimming, I've tried cycling. Nothing worked and I could never get the weight loss that I was wanting. I also struggled with motivation and so I always just gave up in the end.

Since I started being coached by James I've been shown lots of different ways of running, running methods, and that's been really, really good.

I certainly enjoy the variety that we include in our sessions. We get out and about, and I'm really enjoying running and achieving what I want to achieve.

As far as my weight loss is concerned, in the month that I've been coached by James I've lost over half a stone. So we're targeted at trying to lose about 2 pounds a week and that's been coming off really, really well.

It's a fantastic achievement for me and I'm even looking forward to entering a 10k run in a couple of month's time which I never ever thought possible.

James' knowledge and encouragement both while we're out running and in emails between those sessions has really helped to keep me motivated, keep me moving forward and wanting to certainly get better.

I would really encourage anybody to get coached by James because I'm sure that he will be able to help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

Just 2 months later...

Hi it's Alan again and I thought I'd just give you a quick update as to how I'm going on with my coaching with James.

It's been about 3 months now and I've managed to lose about a stone and a half. It's been absolutely fantastic and it's really exceeded my expectations.

And the biggest goal, and one of the biggest goals of my life really, is that I've managed to run a 10k multi-terrain run and I've achieved that in just over an hour and 4 minutes which is just absolutely fantastic.

I'm fitter now than I've been for probably 20 years, and I'm certainly lighter now than I've been for 20 years.

The support and the coaching that I get from James is just absolutely second to none. It's really good and really interactive. I get a lot out of his sessions and I suggest to anybody who is thinking of being coached by James then I would certainly get in touch with him.

Alan Fletcher's achievements with James' coaching

  • Lost over ½ stone in the first month
  • Lost over 1½ stones after only 3 months
  • Completed a 10k multi-terrain run in 64 minutes which was one of the biggest goals of his life
  • The fittest and lightest he's been for 20 years
  • Went from being unhappy with his weight and level of fitness... to really enjoying his running and achieving his running and weight loss goals

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