Laura Cant – From overweight and unfit...
to losing 3 stones and running 5ks,
10ks, and a half marathon

Hi, my name is Laura and I've been coached by James for nearly 2 years.

Before starting James' coaching, I was unhappy with my weight and was completely frustrated with my lack of fitness and how my body looked. I had tried the gym but wasn't really getting anywhere and I wanted to try something different.

I contacted James and we had an initial meeting where James asked me questions about my current fitness and future goals.

From then on, I learned about different running methods and how to put them together as part of an effective training plan. Everything was easy to understand and follow which really helped to keep me motivated.

Throughout my coaching sessions with James I have never become bored and have always been happy with my results. I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness and running ability from barely being able to run for 10 minutes through to completing 5ks, 10ks, and even my first half marathon.

I am now working towards my second half marathon this year and am hoping to beat my time. I am now much more confident with the way my body looks and I have lost weight along the way.

I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to be coached by James. He's extremely knowledgeable about running and how to lose weight, and I believe that you'll be very happy with the results that you get from following James' advice.

Laura Cant's achievements with James' coaching

  • Was once over 4 stones overweight, felt unfit and unhealthy, and struggled to run
  • Has lost 3 stones and now only has 1 stone left to lose
  • Has gone from struggling to run for 10 minutes... to being able to complete 5ks, 10ks, and a half marathon
  • Went from struggling to get anywhere in the gym... to getting great results with her running and enjoying running outside
  • Now much happier with her weight, fitness, and how her body looks

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Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a quick fix or losing weight without any effort. To be successful with both your running and weight loss you need to put in time and effort as well as follow the right advice. That way you can lose weight and keep it off, and that's what I help you do.

I cannot guarantee what results you'll get because everyone is different and results vary. I just promise that I provide you with the best advice and tips that I possibly can with the aim of helping you lose weight and getting everything you want out of running.