Robert Worrall – From frustrated with my weight and fitness... to being the fittest, healthiest, and lightest I've been in years

After having tried various methods of dieting and exercise without success, I had finally become totally frustrated with my weight and lack of fitness.

When I was much younger I was pretty fit and lean but as I got older the weight gradually crept up until I was at least 2 stone overweight. I've got a great family and my own business but lack of attention to my weight and fitness took its toll and was getting me down.

My main problem was that I would start fitness regimes like a "bull in a china shop" and try to do too much too soon and injure myself (I'm over 60 now not 21!). Or I would diet in an extreme way and get fed up and put any weight losses right back on. In both cases I would give up and just carry on getting fatter.

I finally decided enough is enough and that I would do much better with professional help, so I committed to working with James.

During James' coaching, I learned about the different running methods available and how to use them in my training plan to get the best results. Everything was easy to understand and I knew I was doing everything right. This really helped to keep me motivated and our weekly discussions also kept me firmly on the right track.

I learned about how I could lose weight with running in the shortest time while also being able to remain injury free and enjoy my running. This was despite having an old knee injury which I was once told would prevent me from ever running again.

I never thought I'd be able to run due to my weight and the old knee injury, but with James' coaching I got up to 30 minutes running after only 4 weeks running which I was delighted about.

During James' coaching, I learned exactly what I needed to do to lose weight and what running I needed to do to reach my weight loss goals.

I also learned how to carefully monitor what I was eating in the early stages so that as time went on my eating habits automatically became healthy. I didn't have to diet or struggle with my diet at all to lose weight.

After going through James' coaching, I've lost over a stone and all my body measurements have come down. I've lost over 5 inches off my waist which I'm really pleased about AND my body fat percentage has also come down by over 4% which again shows how much my fitness and health has improved.

I've found James' coaching to be a fantastic help and really motivating. I intend to carry on being coached by James as he is continuously teaching me new and fascinating things about fitness, health, and weight loss – or more importantly fat loss.

James teaches not just a "quick fix", but rather a complete lifestyle and mind-set change to bring about a real change for the better for the rest of your life.

I can now look forward to being fitter, healthier, and lighter for the rest of my life, rather than struggling with my weight and wasting years of my life feeling unhappy about everything.

If you get the chance to get coaching from James I highly recommend that you do. He's an expert running coach who is also extremely knowledgeable about losing weight. Just follow James' advice and I'm sure that you'll be very happy with your results just like I have.

Robert Worrall's achievements with James' coaching

  • Went from thinking he couldn't run at all due to an old knee injury... to being able to run for 30 minutes after only 4 weeks
  • He can now run for an hour comfortably and also complete high quality running methods... all without having a single running injury, and at 62 years old
  • Lost over a stone
  • Reduced all his body measurements... including losing 5 inches off his waist size
  • Reduced his body fat percentage by over 4%
  • Now the fittest, healthiest, and lightest he's been in years

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Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a quick fix or losing weight without any effort. To be successful with both your running and weight loss you need to put in time and effort as well as follow the right advice. That way you can lose weight and keep it off, and that's what I help you do.

I cannot guarantee what results you'll get because everyone is different and results vary. I just promise that I provide you with the best advice and tips that I possibly can with the aim of helping you lose weight and getting everything you want out of running.