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What Body Shape Will Your Running Get You?

Did you know that the type of running that you do will determine exactly what body shape you get after you’ve lost weight? That’s why one of the main things to consider when using running to lose weight is this… … Continue reading

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Why Training For Speed Helps You Run Further

A big mistake that many people make when trying to become a better runner is ONLY focusing on increasing the time or distance they can run. They train for endurance and forget about "speed" which is very important. Even if … Continue reading

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Which is the Best Running Plan to Lose Weight?

In this blog post I’m going to give you some tips about how to structure an effective training plan that will help you get better running and weight loss results. To help do this, let’s look at an example… Which … Continue reading

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Why You Should NOT Do The Same Runs Every Week

A lot of people make the mistake of running the same routes, over the same distances, at the same speeds, and on the same surfaces. In this video you’ll learn why you should NOT do the same runs every week … Continue reading

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Should You Use The 10% Rule?

Today I’m going to let you know about the 10% rule and ask whether you should be using it. It’s more of a guide than a rule really but it’s something that’s often suggested as a blanket rule for runners … Continue reading

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How Often Should You Be Running?

Very often both beginner runners and experienced runners don’t understand how to put together a training plan that helps them get the best out of their running. Some people don’t run enough but expect great results. Other people are the … Continue reading

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